Monday, October 08, 2007

Group I: Alessia L.

This is the picture of a cat

... one of the most fascinating animals in the world.
In spite of what most people usually think, cats are able to give you a lot and they don't expect anything from you in return... I love cats because they are smart and independent. Moreover, they are able to perceive dangerous situations and to avoid them...

Since I was a toddler, I had always been accostumed to relate to cats and therefore I learned to respect them (and of course to respect animals in general - I'm an animal-rights supporter).

At the moment, I live with a beautiful kitten named Summer (what a beautiful name, isn't it?) and I'm hopelessly devoted to her...she is my alarm clock in the morning. She generally has a good sense of time but sometimes she get confused and ends up waking me at unusual times...such as 5 o' clock in the morning...
...but don't worry: I do have a real alarm clock too!

Here there's a picture of Summer...

...and here you have my favourite websites:

This website is probably well known by everybody...I particularly appreciate the possibility to "Have your say"

I "discovered" this website a couple of years periodically suggests you good books to read...very useful

I visit this website everytime I need to have a quick definition of something. The idea of building an online encyclopedia to which eveybody is allowed to contribute is really awesome!

This website works as an online library: it enables you to read a whole book online but even to search the words you don't know ...just as if you were reading a real book... I think it is a powerful tool if you can't go to the library but of course there's nothing better than curling up with a book in my sofa...


Anna said...

Dear Alessia,
I find the picture you've chosen adorable! A friend of mine just got a kitten and I spent a whole afternoon playing with him: it was awesome! Unlike you I've never had the possibility to have a pet, as my father cannot stand them, but I'm definitively going to get a cat when I'll have my own house.
I also find really nice the name you've chosen for your little friend.

I can see you really like reading, and this is something we have in common. I'm surely going to use the websites regarding books that you've signaled: thanks for the advice! I already use pretty often the other two webpages.

I would also like to let you know that I find a very good idea to divide the post in pieces, as you did, because it makes it easier to read.

Good job then!

Alesssia L. said...

Thank you Anna!It's really nice of you!I've always loved the name "Summer", I know that in the United States it was also used as a proper name (maybe only in the serials I used to watch :-))
Just consider that the first time I brought my kitten to the vet and had to tell him her name to make her "ID", he looked at me astonished and asked me: "Estate?What a strange name!"..."No!" I replied "Her name is Summer!" and in the end he wrote the name in her ID but he wasn't really convinced of it...

Thank you very much for yur comment!

Have a nice Sunday!


Sonia said...

Dear Alessia,

I agree with Anna that the picture you chose is simply lovely! I love cats! Not only are they such playful animals, but they also like to be stroked and petted... a bit like me! When I'm feeling blue, I'm always looking for a gentle caress from the people I love! That always cheers me up more than anything!

Some five weeks ago I saw a kitten similar to the one in your picture. I was visiting my grandmother and one of her neighbour was playing with it in her garden. My mother and I fell in love with the kitten at once and decided to ask the owner if she was giving it away. She had three or four cats at home, so she told us we could keep it, if we wished to do so. And of course we did. It was a she! And I was still trying to think of a suitable name for her, when last week she disappeared: one day I got downstares, as usual, to feed her, but could find her no more. She has been missing for a week or so now and unfortunately I don't think she will ever come back. She was too little, and maybe she can't find her way back home anymore. I wish she could! I really miss her :(

Serena Santi said...

Hi Alessia!
I know your cat very well thanks to the photos you showed me. I think having a pet is a great experience, it helps you being more responsible. You know I prefer dogs but I agree with you, cats are very independent animals. I’ve two cats or better my grandmother has two cats. I called them Cesare and Pompeo. You cannot imagine how these names fit them. Unfortunately they are a bit old now, I’m afraid they could die soon. I’ve no precise idea of the expectation of life of a cat. Have you any idea?

Alesssia L. said...

To Serena: I know you're pestered with the photos of Summer I keep showing you at the university...sorry for that!:-)Maybe you'll be able to see her in the flesh one day!

Life expectation for cats: I think 15 years more or less :-(



Alesssia L. said...

Dear Sonia!
Thank you very much for your comment!
I'm really sooooo sorry for your kitten but unfortunately cats are so unpredictable...If that makes you feel better, think that cats are able to survive in almost every situation so your kitten is surely safe and sound!

Let me know about her!