Monday, October 08, 2007

Group D: Serena

I chose this picture because it’s so poetic, isn’t it? It represents a landscape with no human presence. I love peaceful and natural places like this. It’s the perfect place I could ever imagine to have a rest after a full day of study, lessons, train delays etc. This image and my home, they both make me feel the same sensation of calm. After a stressful day I need some time for myself, just to recover my strength after a busy day. During the day I’m an hyperactive person, I have a lot of interests, I attend lessons, I have a job, I meet friends at the university, but when I come back in the evening I feel a comforting sensation. This picture shows another aspect of my character. I’m not afraid of loneliness. I think people are always in a hurry and they aren’t able to appreciate the moments they spend alone or to contemplate a landscape like that. I’m convinced that spending time alone can help each of us to be more aware of ourselves.

My favourite websites:
This web site is absolutely the site I use most frequently. All I need to found is there. It gives me always an answer. This is so reassuring. Of course you have to pay attention to the web sites that google suggests you but what I prefer is the fact that all depends on you, on what you choose. I like to compare this web site to a springboard from which you can dive into a sea of possible choices and new information.
I think it’s very important to know how things are going on in the world every day and so I love to read news on the bbc web site. It’s very well organised and its layout is very engaging. It’s also a useful tool that helps me to improve my reading and my listening.


Imma said...

Hi serena,
I'm imma...the picture you chose is the perfect image of what life should be sometimes. Of course you are right..Nowaday everybody is in a hurry and it is easy to lose sight of what it's really important in life as friends, family, love etc...Now and then We should just stop, relax...quit out of our mind all the problems and reflect about ourself and what is important to us...
Thanks for having remember this to me! :)
see you

Alesssia L. said...

Hi Serena!
How are you!?
I know that in the lab you were undecided as to what picture to choose...Well, I think that this one is much more poetic than the desert thing but, anyway, both are perfect to convey your idea of peace!I PERFECTLY agree with what you said about loneliness!It's not necessarily a negative feeling if you are able to make the most of it!Even though I'm generally a very extrovert and outgoing person, at times I need to have a place of my own, to be absorbed in my own thoughts...for that reason some people consider me a bit weird and moody (that could also be possible) but I think I just need to have a break sometimes!

As far as your favourite websites is concerned, I often click on too!Did you know that there's the possibility to "have your say" in online articles about current events?

See on Monday then,
have a nice weekend!


Alberto said...

Hi, Serena!
I perfectly agree. There is something special in the moment at night, in which you open the front door and smell the scent of your own home.
I really appreciated what you wrote about loneliness. Unfortunately, we all have a lot things to do and generally, there is too little time to "feel ourselves"...

monica said...

Hi Serena, reading your blog we found some little mistakes: for example "an hyperactive" is wrong because in front of words beginning with consonants you have to use the "a" indefinite article.
As prof.Guth told as today, it's better to use the word "personality" instead of "character", which is generally used in books.
Pay attention on the use of tenses for example in "I need to found" you must write "you need to find".

Monica Ferrara

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Serena! I perfectly agree with you and the other members of our group!
Sometimes loneliness is necessary, and like you I think that it makes a person aware of him/herself, aware of one's fears and one's limits...