Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group J: Federico (e-tivity one)

Hi everybody, sorry for being late!
I’ve chosen this picture because I love singing. Better, singing has become part of my everyday life...that's why I’m always humming tunes: on my way to school, at the supermarket, while doing the housework or cooking and, of course, under the shower, where sometimes I “give my best”! You know, the shower is my favourite stage, but my parents cannot stand my concerts anymore: they keep on telling me to lower my volume or to rush out of that place and hurry up because I’m late! This is what has constantly been happening in my “career” as a bathroom singer. As you can imagine, I had to find a solution. I decided to look for something which could allow me to shout and sing freely, but sound good: so I started taking lessons and singing in a big gospel group and other choirs. Since that moment I’ve become really fond of gospel and black music in general. The only problem is that now I sing and hum more than before…poor parents!

Since I’ve focused on gospel music, here are two of my favourite websites about this topic:
the main gospel portal of Italy, where you can find info about groups, concerts, CDs and all what concerns the gospel music in Italy.
where you can watch free original gospel videos 24h a day for free!

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