Monday, October 08, 2007

group K: enrico

so, a picture representing me, eh?... well, at least some part of me... a part of whatever i think 'me' might mean... or better yet, some picture of what i might want you to think about me... hum... yeah, well, this is clearly going nowhere, right?

it's kinda starting to give me a bit of a headache, so let's put it like this: i'll choose this pic. it doesn't really represent 'me', but it least it represents how i felt trying to figure myself out, so somehow it's definitely truthful...!

i'm not quite sure i've accomplished the task, so i'll just write down a couple of undisputed facts (no need for self-questioning here, good for me!..) about myself. i'm a devout Dostoyevskian acolyte, i tend to get nervous around dogs (while i actually envy cats and everything they do and how they do it. they're a bunch of 4-legged geniuses, aren't they?), and i sincerely hope someday they'll open up some mongolian take-away joint in town so i can finally try fried locusts and assorted caramelled bugs, hold the worms, thanks .

here's a couple of my most clicked sites, no need to explain... is where a get most of my books from
and then there's a pretty smart site, check it out
and my n.1 favourite so you've always got something to say when a total stranger addresses you in the tense silence in the dentist's waiting room when you don't feel like chit-chatting at all but you don't want to be uselessly rude either... ;)



Caroline said...

Hi Enrico,
do you know what? It was difficult for me, too, to find a pic that would represent me.
Until last week I wasn't even thinking of what is "representing" myself. I mean, I should have put a picture of myself, right? Anyway, you made a good choice. Whenever you don't know what to say, write or put on the blog...just choose the Simpsons. They always work and help you out. Have you seen the movie yet?
It's strange you feel uncomfortable with dogs. I just love them. But on the other hand...I really can't stand cats and I'm allergic as well.
See you soon. Caroline

lau zock said...

This interpretation of The Scream is very funny, just because I love the Simpsons!
Unfortunately I don’t know much about Russian literature, I once tried to read ‘Crime and Punishment’ but I wasn’t able to finish it…I found it too long and some passages boring; but I read something written by Tolstoj (The Death of Ivan Ilych) and I liked very much.
However, I agree with you when you say that cats are enviable…they seem to be so free and independent of everything! As regards the choice of your favourite website, made me laugh…but you are absolutely right, it can be really useful!
Are you sure you want to try fried locusts? It would be better to eat pizza or pasta wouldn’t it?

Eleonora said...

Hi Enrico,
Here are a couple of observations about your original post…:-)
First of all, you should use capital letters when necessary (i.e. “I” instead of “i”) as you just need to press a button to do it.
Then, we noticed that your style is quite colloquial; punctuation is appropriate and it gives the impression of a real conversation, but sometimes it would be better to avoid contractions (i.e. “kind of” instead of “kinda”) and abbreviations (“picture” instead of “pic”).
The layout of your message is well-structured: the division into paragraphs is clear and this makes your post easy to read. However, we suggest that you use bullet points to list your favorite websites because if you do not, it is a little bit confusing.
Both the style and the contents of your post are very original, but sometimes it is difficult to follow the logical thread of your thoughts since there is a lot of information about different topics.
Anyway, we liked your image a lot and we enjoyed reading about your interests and personality.

See you soon!

Eleonora and Roby

Nina said...

well so I guess I don't have to comment much about the structure you chose since it is all written up(maybe it's down) in the last post. I have to say though that I really like the style of your writing, I found it very entertaining and it reminded me of the thinking in my own head. It always makes me feel better when I hear that other people are same confused:) I'm curious what exactly do you envy about cats (I get the sleeping and being lazy part). Interesting sites! see you in class, nina