Monday, October 08, 2007

group E: Veronica Bozzato

photo by unfocused mike

Hi! This is a photo of a cute dog puppy. I've decided to post it since I really love dogs, with no distinction of size, breed or colour. Moreover, I think that this puppy is very lovely and incredibly looks like my dog Trudy. Even if she is nearly twelve years old, she still looks like a pup! She is very lively when we go for long walks, but when we come back home she sinks into sleep on her cushion. I like looking after her, and her thankful look makes me happy. My parents brought her home many years ago, saving her from the bad conditions of a dog pound. If I had the possibility I would like to rescue other stray dogs.

These are the websites that I often use.

The first is a very useful website that I often use to check the meaning of foreign words that I do not know, or when I want to translate Italian words into a foreign languages.

The second website is an Italian online newspaper, that I usually read in order to know what happens in Italy and throughout the world. It contains also many interesting links.

The other site is a sort of multilingual wiki that I use every time I want to know something about a topic that is new for me. I think is very useful and simple to use; in fact, there is a great number of links that you can use to satisfy your curiosity.


elenavi said...

Hi Veronica,

what a lovely puppy! You couldn’t choose a better picture!!! Dogs are my favourite pets! I have a dog too, called Toby, and another thing that we have in common is that also Toby, like your Trudy, lived in a pound and, even though seven years have already gone since when I saved him from such a gloomy life, he still shows me his thankfulness through plenty of cuddles! So, first of all we have discovered that both of us are fond of dogs and, in addition, we both want to save other stray dogs… In my view dogs that have suffered abandonment are far more sensitive, faithful and affectionate because they see you are a friend and have saved them!Don't you think so? Still I remember Toby’s sad and fearful eyes, his shaking from scare when I saw him for the first time; he was terrified of every stranger! Think that he was seriously run-down, had suffered a car accident and beneath his skin he had many little bullets…Yes, some idiot had shot at him! Luckily he met my family and me who take care of him and give him all he needs!

See you on Monday!


P.S.: Thank you for suggesting me this very useful website, I didn’t know about it before!

Camilla said...

Hi Veronica!
I like your presentation very much because I love dogs too!
Actually I must say the truth...I don't like all animals, but I've got a real passion for dogs!
Your post is really cute and make us understand your love for Trudy!
I have a dog too...she doesn't live at my place, because my boyfriend has a huge garden, so she lives with him: her name is Frida and she's a "German shepherd". I love her!
As regarding the websites you suggested us, I find "wordreference" really useful and I use it very often (I've just looked up how to say "pastore tedesco" in English!!).
Wikipedia is not a website I like...but it can be useful, of course!
And as for the Repubblica's website...I must go and have a look: I usually read "paper" newspapers!

See you this afternoon!


urbanimarty said...

Hi Veronica! =)

How are you? I didn't know that you were so fond of animals.. What a sweet passion!

I live in a small old house with a big garden; therefore I have much room for my three wonderful dogs. Lola is a sweet German shepherd and she is 12 years old; Pulce is a little mongrel with a beautiful white fur, he is 5 years old; Billo is very young, he is only 2 years old and he is very lively and peppy.

I know I am very lucky because I can keep my dogs almost free in my big garden. I think my days would be sad if I couldn't spend some time with my wonderful dogs. Don't you agree with me?

I think dogs are a great resource because they are joyful and lively and they make people feel happy. My parents decided to buy me a dog when I was young. So, I could play with him but I had also to attend and take care of him. This experience made me develop a more sensible and respectful attitude towards animals.

What do you think of people who in summer suddently get rid of their dogs and they leave them along the streets? Don't you think that it is a very uncivilized and cruel behaviour?

Thank you for your interesting presentation, I enjoyed reading through it!
See you!


Silvia Lovato said...

Hi Veronica,
Actually, I think I am the only one who does not have a dog in our group! However, I have a big red cat whose name is Micione. When I found him he had been abandoned but he was not a typical stray cat. As a matter of fact, his fur was long and very beautiful.
He is always sleeping but he cannot stand to be alone.Therefore, when I am studying he sits next to me and he puts his little red head on my legs.. He's so sweet!
Nevertheless, a pet is not a game, and it requires a lot of time and attention.
Therefore, people should think carefully before buying a dog or a cat. As a matter of fact, each summer many people get rid of their pets leaving them along the streets. Probably, they consider them as dolls rather than living beings.