Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Group K:Laura

Books are really my passion!
I would spend hours and hours reading and leafing through any kind of book, review or magazine to satisfy my curiosity. I usually read novels, plays and I sometimes love identifying myself with the characters. Moreover, I like reading newspapers in order to be always well informed about world's news.
One of my dreams is to open a bookshop to share this interest with other people, to advise the most interesting books and to organize meetings in order to make children appreciate the world of literature.


Here are the websites I use most frequently:

The first website reflects my passion for books: you can find any book you are looking for. It is very easy to use and you can buy books on favourable terms.
The second and the third websites are useful to be informed about national, international news; cultural events; sport.
The last one is very interesting because it offers not only tourist but also historical information of each country in the world.

I look forward to reading your comments!

Bye bye for now!


Caroline said...

Hi Laura,
I think you really did a great job on your work. In fact, we have something in common because I like to read, too. I guess I'm not as passioned as you are but I discovered my interest in books ever since I'm going to university. I like reading historical novels or old classic stories. I will definitely make use of that book-link you suggested so that I can find new books to read. Are you attending any literature course at university this year? I thought about attending one in the second semester. However, there's nothing but good things to say about your blog. See you soon. Caroline

enrico stanic said...

hey Laura,
the very first thing i thought when i saw your post was: are those your books in the pic? but then i reckoned: well, doesn't really matter cause i can't actually see clearly the titles anyway. so...! anyway, about the reading and stuff i totally agree with you: i'm a big book-freak myself, and i tend to develop serious addictions to authors i discover and get to appreciate. in my case though, this as big drawback, that is people who know me are never sure what book to buy me as a present because they fear i may have already read it, so i eventually have to hand out hints when my birthday is coming up...!
about the dostoevky incident with 'crime and punishment', well i'm deeply hurt to hear you found it boring :( Raskol'nikov is actually some kind of role-model for me, you know... and i must warn you against the dangers inherent in the wretched works of count Leo Tolsoj: he is BAD, my child, BAAAAAAD. ahahah, just kidding, but you know what they say about russian literature nerds: 'you are either a Dostoevsky-guy or a Tolstoj-guy' and it is generally known that the only thing these 2 types of guys have in common is that they hate each other's guts!!!

see you

Nina said...

I enjoyed reading your post. It's nice to read about people's passions because you can usually really feel the strenght from their writings. Anyways I was especially interested in the part about opening a book store. I think introducing good(or maybe even any) books to kids is a very important thing in these days. My second major is education so that's why I'm a bit concern about this issue:) So go for it!!
Thank you also for the interesting links, I'll be sure to use them for improving my knowledge of Italian. See you, Nina