Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group H: Roby

Hello everyone!
I chose this photo because for the umpteenth time I have brought a new bicycle …If I am not wrong…this is the fourth in five years..It is quite a good overage, isn’t it?!! Of course, the reason is not because I am a collector!!
Well, ciclying during rush hour is rather dangerous: you have to pay attention not only to cars, motorbikes, buses…but also to that "fabulous"and "useful" vehicle called tram!! Anyway, I think it is a very good alternative to busses crowded with noisy children or to car, and a healthy habit above all for those people who -like me- don’t play any particular sport!
I like having the chance to change ways to reach the places I normally frequent and to notice and discover things I’ve never seen or noticed before.

Two websites I often use are:

  • . Everybody happens to listen to a piece of music but to ignore who the artist or the title is..Here I’ll give you a possible solution to satisfy you curiosity!!
    Surfing this site, you can find information, for example, about the soundtracks of films or ads, theme songs, music chats, forum….
  • . If you don’t know where a street, a square, a restaurant, a shop or whatever else is, you can go to google maps and also to see how to get there from the place where you are. It’s fantastic!


Marta T. said...

Hi ROBY! I find your post quite interesting and I have some problems with the tram!! There is always a lot of traffic jam.. The web site is fun... See you on Monday, I hope that you see that may be there will be some changes of hour.

giovisperotto said...

Hi Roberta!
I bet the photo you posted represents one of the bridges of Amsterdam!
This summer I have been there and it's really how it appears from your photo: bikes everywhere! And moreover the byciclist is the real boss of the street! Everyone has to look at him and let him pass!
However don't complain about the fact you have bought 4 bikes in 5 can be seen as a manner to have a new, shining bike every year!:)
As your sites is concerned, I agree with you when you say that the maps in google are very useful. I always have a look on them before leaving from a place I don't know.
And is great..I discovered a lot of titles of songs I wouldn't ever be able to find.
Hope to see you tomorrow!

Caroline said...

Hi Roby,
I'm not in your group but I write you anyway.My name is Caroline. I like the photo you have chosen and it was a funny idea to talk about yourself and your experience with bycicles. I go by bike, too. I bought two in the last four years. Maybe we could meet and go by bike together. That would be fun!
Hope to see you soon in the lessons..

enrico stanic said...

Hey Roberta,

correcting other people's mistakes is not really my cup of tea, so let's just say 'I'm only obeying orders'... :)

Well, the only real mistake I found in your post is the use of 'frequent' for the italian 'frequentare': according to 'frequent' is actually an adjective, so, maybe 'hang out' might be another option, plus it's more easy-going a word, right?
And also the use of 'to play a sport', I think it'd have to be 'to do a sport' maybe?

One thing which didn't quite work was your first link: it was not integrated in the text and that's too bad cause I'd really have liked to check it... :)

Though your post wasn't long, I didn't find it to be excessively short. Maybe you may divide it up in different paragraphs, that's just an idea you know, I really think that the 'fullstop + new line' structure is fine and clear anyway.

About the punctuation, well okay, you sometimes used only two dots instead of three, but that's no big deal.

Oh, right, I almost forgot: maybe when you wrote 'brought' you meant 'bought'? And, yeah, there's another spelling mistake, were it goes 'overage' for 'average', and the 'buses' thing, but, well, whatever...

That's about it, I guess... I'm just wondering how much stuff I've done wrong in MY post...