Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Group Organization

Dear all,

Based on the work I’ve seen you do in the past few weeks and attendance in class, I have tried to re-work the groups to guarantee that there are 4-5 people actively participating in each group and attending the same classes on Monday afternoons. The new groups (some very similar to the old ones) are as follows. If you have not been assigned to a group and plan to participate and attend Monday classes, write a comment to this message. If you plan to attend on Mondays from 2.30 to 4.00, there is one place available in G and one in J. If you plan to attend on Tuesdays from 4.30 to 6.00, there is one place in H, one in I, and one in K. If you have a problem with the new groups, write me an email.

These will be the new groups from e-tivity 4 on.

I hope this well help those of you who had been left alone :-)


Mondays 2.30-4.00

Group A
Sara Babetto
Anna Bordignon
Nicola Canton
Elisa Caramori
Davide Pozzato

Group B
Elena Costa
Sara De Tomi
Giovanna Foschini
Marta Guarda
Martina Torresan

Group C
Elena Boscaro
Giada Guazzo
letizia malacarne
Silvia Nicolini
Sara Pahor

Group D
Alessandra Squaquara
Alberto Tono
Claudia Trivellato
Claudia Turolloa
laura zoccarato
serena santi

Group E
veronica Bozzato
Martina Urbani
elena vivian
Camilla Zulian
Marina Fuin
Silvia Lovato

Group F
Cristina Robba
Elisa Barchi
Elena Carlet
Valeria Fagan
monica ferrara

Group G
Selena Bortoletti
Elisa Snaidero
katia kovsca
Elena Sottil

Group J
valentina Mioni
elisa rossi
Federico Fiorentin
Eva Premrl
giovanna simonato

Mondays 4.30-6.00

Group H
Alessia Ferrara
roberta Fumani
giovanna sperotto
marta tosato
Stefania Pasquali

Group K
Eleonora Carta
Anna Giabardo
Nina Horakova
enrico stanic
Alessia Leonardi
Caroline Witte

Not currently assigned to a group

Sonia Gelain
lisa belluco
Imma Schiavone
Luca Sgarbossa
Alice Violato


Elena B said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm ELENA BOSCARO and I'm in GROUP A but you put me in the list of Group C on Monday afternoon. I mean, am I supposed to start doing my e-tivities with group C instead of Group A? I'd like to know this because I've always done the e-tivities with group A...
Thanks a lot!

Giovanna S. said...

Dear Sarah, I'm in group J and you put me in group I. As I told you yesterday, I'd like to attend the speaking lesson at 2.30 with my group (J). Is it a problem for you?
As regards e-tivity 3, I already commented on the blogs of group J members.

Thank you very much!

Lamericaana said...

@Elena: I know you were in group A, but I randomly picked someone out of group A to make the other groups more balanced. According to the new plan, you would start working with group C starting tomorrow. If this is a problem for you, let me know. I could always switch somebody else ;-) or leave you if everyone agrees it's ok to have to 'read' the work of 5 other people.
@Giovann - I must have gotten confused since you actually attended the second lesson on Monday. Sorry, but it's hard to keep track of you all! If you're telling me you'll be coming to the first lesson, then, of course, stick with group J. Remind me tomorrow in class. Don't worry about e-tivity 3: as I said in the message, this new arrangement would be from e-tivity 4 on.


Serena Santi said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm in group D and on Monday I can attend the 2.30 pm lesson. Monday I was there I only arrived with ten minutes of delay because there were problems with trains from Bologna to Venice. I'd like to attend the Monday lesson with my group D.Please!

Lamericaana said...

@Serena - Sorry Serena, but I was basing the regrouping on the attendance from Monday. If it's ok with the other members in the group to have 6 people rather than 5, you can be a part of their group. Why don't you talk about it in class today?


Caroline said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm Caroline Witte, I used to be in group K. I've just read your post and I saw that I'm not signed up in any group! I'd like to come to the lessons on Monday and it doesn't matter at which time. Anyway, I liked group K!! Right now, I'm in Berlin for about 12 days. That's why I didn't come to the speaking lesson on Monday. (I'm sorry!!) I will do the e-tivity 4 and everything else you post on the blog from Berlin this time. I hope you're ok with that!!
I'm waiting for your answer.Thank you. Caroline
PS: Happy Halloween!! There have just been some kids here at my house asking for sweets...I'm prepared this year!

Lamericaana said...

Dear Caroline,
No need to apologize. I'm just trying to organize things so that groups actually work! Group K is fine and so it is if you do the work from Berlin. It's one of my favorite cities; I'll be there at the end of November for a conference and to visit my dear friend from Erasmus who lives there and I can't wait to go :-)
Some kids have just been here to ask for candy too, but I just can't get used to them doing it here in Italy :-( as they don't even say "trick or treat".
I look forward to seeing you online and will put you in Group K.
Enjoy your stay at home :-)


alicev said...

Dear Sarah,

I must apologize for being late with my e-tivities...
Is it still possible for me to be assigned to a group (I was in K) attending the speaking lesson from 2.30-4.00?
Thanks a lot,


Lisa Belluco said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm sorry for not attending your lessons on Monday, but I had to arrange some activities and I had an exam too last week. Wuold you mind if I attend the speaking lesson from 2:30-4:00?
thank you in advance

Imma said...

Dear Sarah,
I didn't attend classes last week because I was ill and unlikely I still have problems with the internet and I couldn't follow everything well. Now I'm by a friend of mine trying to do what I lost...
Today I will be in class at 14:30 (later it's impossible to me because of my job) but actually I don't know which group I belong... I was in groul D...And now?
see you