Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Group J: Elisa

Hi!! I'm sorry for being so late but I was abroad and I couldn't use the computer.

After having spend a lot of time on the blogsphere I've chosen these two blogs:
d.i.y. naturally and travelblog.
The first one is a blog about environement and netural products. It contains lots of ideas for doing daily things avoiding chemical products which, in many cases, are not good for health. It contains some interesting categories in which I spent a lot of time, for example "10 Way to use salt as an healy and beauty product", "Baking soda" (how many ways to use it!), "pet care" or "Do it yourself - organic skin care for oily skin" and many others. I found this blog interesting! The style is neutral, it avoids too informal expression but it uses rhetorical questions and contractive forms. The language is simple and clear and, when there are articles, there is always the link to the original site. The layout is simple but pleasant, it uses colors but only different shades of green.
The secon one is a collection of comments, photos and recollections of travels from around the world. It is a blog for everyone who wants to travel: here he/she can find information about everything connected to travels and can easly serch the information which he/she is looking for because there are links to every part of the world. The style is quite different from the firt blog I've analysed because here the layout is bit more "heavy". The language is neutral and there are lots of photos.

See you soon, Elisa

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