Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GROUP J: Valentina

This is a picture of the Birmingham University campus...where i spent the most beautiful year of my life..so far!!!I chose this image because it represents an experience that changed my life: my erasmus in England. I lived for 9 months in Selly Oak, just outside the Bham campus...there I found myself in a new world where i had the possibility to meet many many new friends from all over the world and to share with them my culture and to grow together: they were my new family!I travelled inside and outside the UK, I discovered the english drinking-culture and enjoyed myself so much. I felt free and truly happy!While I was there I had the opportunity to join the university movie-society and discovered a real passion and an increasing interest in movies!Another big passion I have is music: I've always loved listening to music..Music is the soundtrack of life, of every moment and it's good in any occasion. A couple of years ago I played in a group of Samba music called Vila Isabel, a beautiful experience...I loved percussion instruments...so I started to play the drums and now my dream is to join a rock-band!!

Here are the websites I visit most frequently:
The first two websites are useful because I can find news from all over the world and because they offer many interesting links. While the other websites allowes me to keep in touch in a very easy way with my friends, especially with those that live far away from me.


elisa rossi said...

Hi Valentina! your post makes me envious...I've never been in Erasmus!! I'm sure that it was a wonderful experience and surely it changed your way of thinking and living. I imagine that the return here, in your University, has not been easy for you because here things are different and you cannot have the same freedom you had in England when you lived without your family. My friends who were abroad thanks to the erasmus project, were very sad when they come back even if they were happy to see their friends here. I think that we have to thank University for this possibility!

alicev said...

Hi Vale,

First of all: I enjoyed very much talking to you last week during the speaking lesson, although it was the first time I saw you. I perceived that very day because of your enthusiasm, that your experience in Birmingham was great!
I hope that during the next lesson, you’ll be telling me about something weird that happened to you in those in months in Birmingham!
See you soon!


Fred said...

I have to say that I can feel your enthisiasm from the way you talk about your experience abroad, but the thing that make us closer is music. I'd really love to talk to you about that samba group!! I hope we'll have the chance to do it!
See you soon!