Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Group G: Eleonora

Hi everybody!
My name is Eleonora and I am 23 years old. I started studying English when I was 11 and after the high school I decided to continue to improve my language skills here at university. In my free time I like traveling, jogging, watching movies and going out with my friends.

Actually it was rather difficult to find an image which represents me, but in the end I chose the picture of a tiger. I think that this animal embodies some important aspects of my personality, since I can be quite contemplative (as this beautiful tiger looks on “Flickr”) but at the same time also very determined and strong when I set myself a goal. Moreover, orange and black are two of my favorite colors…they really make a wonderful contrast together… :-)

Click on the following link to see where the image comes from:


Here are some other links I would like to share with you:
  • www.google.com: you surely know this famous page...I am not an expert on this topic but I think this search engine works very well and it is quite helpful when you look for information…I’ve always managed to find everything I needed using it. I also recommend that you create yourselves an account by Gmail; the program is very efficient because it organizes all the emails you exchange with the same person in a sort of “conversation”, and that makes it easier for you to find the exact message you want.
  • www.ryanair.com: this is another website I visit quite often. I like traveling a lot, so I try to jump at every chance I get to visit new places or friends who live abroad. I traveled many times with “Ryanair” and I have always been satisfied as the prices are very competitive and the flights usually on time.
  • www.rugbyworldcup.com: here is the official website of the Rugby World Cup which is taking place in France during these weeks. I started learning more about this sport last spring, when I and some friends of mine followed Italy’s success in the tournament called “Six Nations”. Although it may not seem so, this sport is very fair and both the players and the supporters of different teams usually show great respect for each other. Unfortunately the matches are only broadcast on pay-tv, so I have been visiting this page quite often lately since it is the best way for me to see how the tournament is going on. I think it is a real pity that interesting sports like rugby, volleyball, basket or swimming have no place on Italian television and newspapers.

That is all for now...I hope to hear from you soon,



elena s said...

Hi Eleonora! I hope you're not as dangerous as a tiger... Of course I'm joking... The photo you posted is really fine and I also liked the reasons of your choice. I agree with you when you write it is difficult to choose a photo that could represents or describe who or how we are. I also find some difficulties in choosing the more proper one and I still have some doubts about it because there are many...:)
I clicked the link and saw the other photos of the tiger, wow... Have you ever seen one? I did, when I was 6 at the zoo in Milan... a bit sad in its green small hutch.

Sure it is good to have a google space; as far as I know the programm is excellent and permits you to organize not only you mails but also your conversations and shared files with your contacts.

Before I came to study in Padua
I wasn't aware of the popularity that rugby has in Veneto and of course in Padua. In my stay here I make friends with some Paduan guys and I realized that they are really keen about this sport. I followed the tournament of "The Six Nations"; I watched just some matches and I like the fact that, as you said, in this sport players and supporters are fair and respectful. A really different perspective from football situation that is by now just money, especially in Italy. Don't you think?
Looking forward to hear from you,



PS: the tiger is still staring at me....

alessia f. said...

Hi Eleonora!
I really enjoyed the image you chose: the tiger is a wonderful animal which symbolizes power and courage. You seem a resolute and strong-minded person and I like such qualities in a girl.
As far as the sites are concerned, I’m interested in what you wrote about google: I didn’t know how to use Gmail and I believe that using it could be a nice possibility to strengthen my “virtual” relationship with my friends. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!
I also agree with you on ryanair: I too frequently visit this site because it contains lots of useful information and appealing suggestions as for holidays in bewitching places, such as London and Paris. By the way, where have you been?
Then, I must confess that I was amazed at your passion in rugby: that’s quite bizarre in a girl! That’s cool! I’ve never gone to a rugby match but I think that it could be awesome! Here it’s not very popular, it’s above all football which gathers lots and lots of people and supporters. Anyway, I’d like to know something more about that, could you help me please? Thank you my dear! I play tennis and I’m interested in athletics…if you want to know something more about that, let me know!

Selena said...

Hallo Eleonora!

The photo you chose is simply impressive! I love animals and tigers have always attracted me. When I was young and spent my holiday with my parents in Bibione I always begged them to take me to the zoo of Lignano. I don’t know where you live but you’ve probably been in these two seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast of Veneto and Friuli. Every year I wanted to visit the zoo to see the tigers. I still remember those journeys as amazing experiences. I took a lot of photos that I still keep carefully. I think tigers could embody some aspects of my personality. I feel strong and determined when I wish to achieve a goal, just like you. My motto is “Never give up!”
Let’s say something about the websites you suggested.We have something else in common as you also chose the site of Ryanair. I began to use it when I was an Erasmus student in Germany. I flew with Ryanair many times during that period and this is why I particularly like this company. It reminds me of that unforgottable experience.
I’ve just heard about Gmail but I didn’t actually know what it exactly was. I’ve always used Libero and Hotmail for emails but I had a look and think this is also a valid tool.
About rugby, I have to admit it, I don’t know anything. I’ve never seen a rugby match but you’ve excited my curiosity! I’m a fan of cycle racing as my father and my brother do this sport. I’m a little bit annoyed about football firs of all because it occupies most of space dedicated to sport in both television and newspapers giving no proper importance to other sports, which are maybe more difficult, and secondly because it is not fair that some sports are criticized and disgraced for example about doping and at the same time football is protected because too much money is involved.

See you,

Lisa Belluco said...

Hi Eleonora!
I've just been reading news on the web site I recommended all of you and I read that England has acceded to the final. I'd like to know something more about this sport, as soon as I have some free time I'll look up at the rugby world cup website. Last year I stated supporting Valentino Rossi on Motogp; when I was younger I supported a football club, but after what happened last year I decided to leave football aside.
I've never flown with Ryanair, I found out that easyjet is sometimes
even more cheaper than Ryanair.. but it depends on where you want to go to!
Thanks for your comment, yours is wuite better than mine.. unfortunately writing is not my favourite skill!
see you

Anna B said...

Hi Eleonora! We read your post and we found it interesting. We are supposed to find mistakes, but your post is very well written and we can only suggest you few “improvements”.
First of all, some words as actually and unfortunately have to be followed by a comma; by the way, words as moreover or however are very formal and should not be used too much.
As regards vocabulary, we found just few inaccuracies, such as program instead of service (Google’s service), basket instead of basketball and the expression during these weeks, which can be replaced by now. Our last suggestion is to change the expression I and some friend of mine with some friends of mine and I (in a sentence with two subjects the pronoun I goes in the second position.).
Probably our post contains more mistakes than yours, but we hope it can be useful for you!

Bye, Elena and Anna

p.s. Remember to avoid writing the complete URL of websites... You can write just one clickable word. ^_^