Wednesday, November 07, 2007

explanatory video on RSS

Hello all,

Now that you're experts on feeds ;-) take a look at this video on feeds by CommonCraft. Think it's a good description? I like these videos :-)))



Alesssia L. said...

Impressive! I think it is absolutely impossible to get lost after having seeing this video...:-)

Eleonora said...

Very clear...that really makes things easier... :-)

Giovanna S. said...

The video explains feeds very clearly, and it's also creative and fun!


elenavi said...

Hi Sarah,

What a brilliant video! It's simply clever! You can't miss what feeds are since they're explained in a so unusual but effective way!

Thank you very much!

See you tomorrow,


P.S.: I enjoyed the ‘Mmm…mmm’, ‘Booh!’, ‘Yeah!’ interjections at the beginning as well!