Wednesday, November 07, 2007

E-tivity 4 : Feedback

Dear all,

As was the case last week, I really enjoyed reading your blogs. It's nice seeing them take shape and take on your personality a little at a time as you discover their potential. I was also impressed by the debates: you came up with some good arguments on your blogs and then with your peers!

Your fear of technology ("I have to admit that..." "I have to be honest that...") and hating me for at least a short period of time each week ("I didn't understand what the aims were...") are shared among must of you and pretty much fit in with the way your peers felt last year. I know it can be frustrating, but I do it beause I think in the end they will be things you will appreciate. Also know that this semester is technology-intensive whereas the second semester is not since you will have learned all you need to know to function in Web 2.0!

As far as contents are concerned, most of you are making interesting reflections on the topics and do in fact have something to say. Others are still being a bit superficial. This is not directly related to length, but rather how thoroughly you have thought out what you want to say. Take a minute to consider whether your posts have been the thoughtful and insightful ones or a bit more superficial. Remember, you are graded not on language in the blog, but on content quality.

One quick comment: I noticed sometimes you don't always respond to questions your peers ask you in their comments to your blogs. Now we use RSS feeds to keep us updated on what our peers write on their blogs without having to go to them, and to be updated on the comments that come to your blog without having to go to your blog, you can have blogger send you the comments to your email. For example, I receive all comments to the blog in my mailbox to be sure I answer everyone's queries. You can do this by going to your blog --> clicking on Impostazioni --> then Commenti --> and at the bottom of the page there is a box where you can put your email for the comments to be sent to you. It's that easy and, again, should save you time and make you a better blogger! (Also remember, when appropriate, to provide your peers with constructive criticism on language and/or content.)

For the linguistic feedback this week, I've taken a slightly different approach. I've taken the messages and comments from one group and highlighted the mistakes rather than correct them. I would ask you to download and print this file and try and identify what the mistake is and suggest a correction. Then bring your corrections to class on Monday and we'll look at them together. Imagine you're teachers ;-)

One last thing: I notice many of you use various (incorrect) forms of "use to" or "used to" to indicate a habit. In English, you may remember, habits and things we do regularly are expressed with the present and past SIMPLE. This is the case because, whereas in Italian you use the presente for the present (vivo qui), past (vivo qui da anni) and future (domani vado), in English we don't.

Job well done,


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