Friday, November 09, 2007

Monday Lessons

Hello everyone,

Well, this whole classroom situation is becoming really frustrating. So, here's the deal: for the next three weeks we can't have lessons in the classrooms because they're being occupied for some other purpose and the only room they can give us is Lab B at Maldura (I asked for others but it's a no-go). The change only regards two lessons really as I just found out that I have to go to the hospital on Monday the 19th to get an important exam taken care of and won't be able to make it to class. So, we're left with this Monday, the 12th and Monday, the 26th. The problem for these two dates is that Lab B only holds 25 people and now we've got 43 signed up for Mondays at 2.30. So there are two solutions: some people are generous and opt to move to the 4.30 timeslot or you all squeeze in, some standing.

We'll be starting an exchange with the 2.30 group on Monday, but don't worry those of you in the 4.30 group - we'll be doing other exchanges next semester.

Please send a comment to this post if you're willing to switch.

I'll see you all on Monday and whatever will be, will be!



Marina said...

Hello Sarah,
if you like I can attend the lesson at 4.30, I do not have any problems as I do not have any other lessons on Monday. I don't know if there are problems for the groups, as all my group is at 2.30.

Lamericaana said...

Dear Marina,

Thank you. Don't worry about the group. I'll switch you to a group that has the 4.30 lessons when we meet up on Mondays.


Zara said...

Hello Sarah,
there is no problem for me too. I can attend 4.30 lesson. I wait instructions on the group as well.
See you later,

Zara said...

Hi Sarah,
as I'm shifting to the 4.30 Monday group, have I to start doing the activities supposed for that group? I guess no University of Albany this semester:(

Lamericaana said...

@ Marina - I'll put you in a new group on Wednesday.

@ Sara - Sorry,but I'm confused. Weren't you in class yesterday at 2.30?


Zara said...

Yes, I was because I thought group change would start next week:)
I'll make it clear: since Monday 19th November I'm willing to attend 4.30 lesson!
So, referring to the last comment I wrote, what should I do?
Sorry for being confusing!
Bye bye,

Zara said...

Ups...I wanted to say '4.30 lessonS'!

Zara ;