Friday, March 21, 2008

Padova-Dickinson: Task 4

Purpose: The aim of this week’s task is to start reflecting on your own intercultural competence at this point.


1 – One way to assess Intercultural Competence is by using a self-assessment form called the YOGA form. Download this ( .pdf and read about the rationale behind the YOGA form.

2 – Print the YOGA form and fill it out for yourself. Note that there are different levels for each section. If you reach a level where your competence is low, there is no need to continue moving on to higher levels. Also note that some of the factors may not apply directly to you and your experience; if they don’t, just skip them. Finally, you can either choose a language/culture you are very familiar with (e.g. if you went on Erasmus abroad) or think of your language/culture competence in general. You do not necessarily have to consider English or English-speaking cultures.

3 – Write a blog post in which you reflect on both the challenges and benefits of using the YOGA form, e.g. what was hard about it, did it help you consider aspects you hadn’t previously considered?

4 - Bring it to class on Monday and be prepared to discuss it. I will ask you to leave a copy with me, so please make a photocopy and bring me one.

5 – Keep an eye on the forums ;-)

Deadline: Monday morning, March 31, 2008

N.B. Remember to do your reflective blogging post on the most recent Skype exchange as well.

N.B. For non-attendees, towards the end of next week, I’ll make a post about what you are to do to make up for our class discussion on Monday the 31st.


ElenaCosta said...

Hi Sarah,
did you have a good time on your Easter holidays? I hope so! I write you because I was absent last Wednesday and I couldn't do my Skype exchange. Do I have to write a post on something else?

Lamericaana said...

Dear Elena,

If you didn't Skype, you could read the forum responses and reflect/comment on those.


Anna B said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm sorry but I can't attend to today's lesson, I have an unexpected engagement at home.
See you tomorrow in via Marzolo.

Anna Bordignon