Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lessons with Prof. Taylor

Dear all,

Just thought I'd let you know, if you don't already know that professor Taylor's lessons will be in the same time slot as Prof. Busà's lessons. The lessons will start on Tuesday, April 15th, 10.30-12.30 in EF9.



Silvia Lovato said...

Hi Sarah, I cannot come to your lesson on Monday because I'll be working for the elections!!!

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Serena Santi said...

Hi Sarah!
Like Silvia and other students I cannot attend our Monday lesson because I'll be working as scrutineer during our political election. I'll try also to inform the new peers of my group that are Martina Torresan and Alice Violato.

Elena B said...

Hi Sarah.
I cannot come to our lesson on Monday because I'll be taking the exam for the European Computer Driving License. Anyway, I'll publish a post in my blog with my proposal for the topic of the final project.
See you on Wednesday,

Giovanna said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm not coming to the skype session on Tuesday because I have to go to the hospital to have one of my wisdom teeth removed(sigh!).Anyway, I will write my post about immigration on my blog.
See you in two weeks

Giada said...

Hi Sarah,
unfortunately I cannot come to lesson Monday because of the elections: I'm working as a scrutineer. Anyway I just pubblished the post on my blog about the cultural topic for the final project and about immigration. See you on Wednesday in the lab.

Zara said...

Hi Sarah!
Unfortunately I won't be in class today, but I will on Wed.
I guess the people of the final project group are those I meet on Mon, aren't they? Or those for Skype exchange?
Thank you!
Have a good class,

Lau Zock said...

Hi Sarah, it's Laura.I'm sorry I didn't tell u before but today I can't come to the skype exchange because I have a job interview.
Valentina told me she can't make it either as she's working this afternoon.
Sorry,see u soon!