Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Purpose: To start working on your final projects.


1 – Choose the topic for your final projects together with your American peer and your Italian peers. Write the name of the topic in the Final08 wiki page in the table with the groups in the last column. Once you have written the topic there, I will create a wiki page for your group.

2 – Develop a work method for your group. Consider:

  • How will you communicate? Only in class? On Skype? Or via email? Someone’s Blog? The comment function on the wiki page?
  • Subscribe to each other’s blogs so that you can keep track of what those who are Skyping are writing about the Skype experience.
  • Choose a tag your group can use to save bookmarks on
  • anything else?

3 – Start working on your wiki page. This means:

  • Think about and start building an outline.
  • Decide who’s doing what.
  • Start researching.

4 – Based on your Skype exchange, write a reflective blogging post. If you didn’t Skype, take a look at your peers’ blog posts about the experience.

5 – Continue contributing to the forums. There are two on immigration, one in English and one in Italian.

Deadline: Monday, April 21, 2008

N.B. During Monday lessons I will dedicate about 10 minutes to working personally with each group to give you feedback on what you’re doing and the progress you’re making. While I’m working with one group, you will continue working on your page autonomously (in English!) so don’t worry too much about working at home.


Raffa said...

Hi Sarah!
Unfortunately I won't be there next Monday because I'm going to Denmark for the week-end. However, I'll try to keep in touch with my colleagues via internet in these days.

See you soon


Alesssia L. said...

Hi Sarah!

Unfortunately I won't be in class either 'cause I got a flu (since Friday)! :-(
I thought I could be better today, yet I'm still ill!!!

If it is ok for you I can work from home while you're having lesson. I have skype, first class etc.. to keep in touch with my collegues if we are to take important decisions...

See you on Wednesday (I HOPE I will be better by then!)


Alessia L.

Marta said...

dera Sarah, since last week I've been trying to add my comment on the forum pages, but it doesn't work. It just tells me "Impossibile visualizzare la pagina". How can I solve this problem? Should I just keep on trying again? Thanks!

stella´s blog said...

Hi Sarah,

I just want to let you know that tomorrow I won't be in class because I come back home in the south of Italy for health reasons.I'll try to get in touch with my colleagues so that I can know what they'll talk about in their next skype exchange.

See u soon!!

Martina said...

Hi, Sarah! I'm in group 5. We'd like to add some photos of graduation customs at Dickinson. We found them on the college homepage. Do you think there will be problems of copywrite?
Thanks! :-)