Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Padova-Dickinson: Task 6

Purpose: There are several different mini tasks so I’ll skip the purposes ;-)


1 – Please go to the wiki page and answer the questions you posted for your Skype conversations next week. Even if you did not post any questions, please see if there are answers you can provide to your peers’ questions. You may be personal and make reference to your peers if you like.

2 – Go to Padova-Dickinson wiki page and write the topic you would like to focus on for the final project. The purpose here is to create a virtual list of all the possible topics, just a list. Based on this list you will then, in class, choose a topic for each group.

3 – Get ready for your Skype exchange next week by starting to think about immigration. Do some online searches to find out information about it in Italy if your knowledge is limited. Write a blog post about what you know, or feel, about immigration in Italy. For example, as an immigrant I can’t vote. Is that right or wrong? And this leads me into the next …

4 – I’ve heard some of you say you’re not going to vote. Please go to the post I have published on this blog and add your opinion with a comment.

5 – As always, based on your Skype exchange, write a reflective blogging post. If you didn’t Skype, take a look at the forums and make observations about the discussions there.

Deadline: Monday morning, April 14, 2008


vale said...

Dear Sarah!
I'm really sorry but this week can't do the tasks in time...I'm working at a fair in Bologna until Monday evening...I'll do everything on Tuesday!

Zara said...

Hi Sarah!
How are you? Hope you're fine!
Unfortunately I won't be in class today. No doubt, I'll attend Wed class and I hope we'll have the time to take the pic for Chiara;)
Good lesson to you all,