Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Padova-Poznan: Task 6

Purpose: There are several different mini tasks so I’ll skip the purposes ;-)


1 - The second half of the course is going to be dedicated to developing a wiki page in your groups and a final group presentation on the same issue. Next week we will start thinking about your final projects that will focus on a cultural topic of your choice. Start thinking about what aspect of the two cultures (Italy-USA) you would like to explore further and write about this on your blog as well, justifying your choice. The aim here is for you to reflect individually on what interests you and why so that you are able to defend your choice.

2 – Go to Padova-Dickinson wiki page and write the topic you would like to focus on for the final project. The purpose here is to create a virtual list of all the possible topics, just a list. Based on this list you will then, in class, choose a topic for each group.

3 – At least some of you are going to start Skyping next week so you’ll need to get ready for your Skype exchange next week by starting to think about immigration. Do some online searches to find out information about it in Italy if your knowledge is limited. Write a blog post about what you know, or feel, about immigration in Italy. For example, as an immigrant I can’t vote. Is that right or wrong? And this leads me into the next …

4 – I’ve heard some of you say you’re not going to vote. Please go to the post I have published on this blog and add your opinion with a comment.

Deadline: Monday, April 14, 2008

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