Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In class on Wednesday, April 9

As usual, while I get Skype set up with the others, do the following tasks. Ok. Now you’ve all become expert wiki-ers, right? ;-) I think your page is coming along very nicely and it’s been a good resource both for your Italian and your American peers for their discussions about the elections.
  1. Well, I’d like you to share your knowledge with others. First discuss (IN ENGLISH!) the pros and cons of using the wiki. Then make a list (on your group wiki page) of all the useful tips you would give someone new to using the wiki. In other words, what should newcomers know about editing a wiki?
  2. Then go to these resources on the wiki and
What would you add or change based on your discussion? Please edit the pages.

When I’ve got the others set up, I will come back to you and show you a few tips for editing the wiki.

Then we are going to discuss final projects. Please start thinking whether one of your groups would be willing to have 2 people (not necessarily always the same ones) come on Tuesdays for Skype with the Americans for the next three weeks.


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