Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the winner is...'s a tie! So, before announcing which wiki page wins the 'best wiki page' award 2008, let's see if the students who did not attend today can give their vote. If you weren't in class today, please go to the wiki and read what you are to do to vote and vote. I'll give you until Friday to vote and then announce the winner on Friday.

For those of you who weren't in class today, for your final grade I will consider:
- a collective group vote for the wiki page;
- your participation throughout the semester (in class, blogging, tasks);
- your grade from the first semester;
- your ICC assessment (see task 2 of the final activities on the wiki );
- your peer and self-assessment (see task 1 of the final activities on the wiki).

In other words, make sure you do the activities on the wiki, if you haven't already done so. Please not that on the assessment questionnaire you are to assess both yourself and the peers in your group.

It's been a pleasure teaching and learning with you this year. Thank you for your patience, consistent participation and motivation - that's what makes teaching worth all the effort! If I don't see you around town, good luck for your future!



Eleonora said...

Hi Sarah,
It has been really a pleasure to work with you this year. Thank you for everything!!

chiara said...

Hi Sarah!I've just finished to complete my ICC assessment in my personal wikipage, do you mind if I post my comment in my blog by tomorrow night? (I'm woking tomorrow...)xxx Chiara

Camilla said...

Hi Sarah,
It's been a great pleasure to work with you too this year! Thank you very much! I'm so happy I've attended a course like this!
Today at the end of the lesson I was jumping into the bus when I saw you and some of my peers going to the bar for the spritz...I would have really liked to come too, but I must admit I'm really silly...I saw everyone going that I thought we were not going to go out together...and I simply left without asking :-(!

I hope I'll be able to sign the petition...if my activities are not considered sospicious anymore!!!

Hope to see you around!!!

Giovanna said...

Hi Sarah,
It's been a pleasure to work with you too. I think we have really worked hard this year but it has been worth it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this has been the best course in five years and I'm really sorry I'm not going to attend English lessons anymore. Thank you very much!
Hope to see you around sometimes.

Mary said...

Hi Sarah!
As I told you yesterday, I wrote to you an e-mail with the sentences. I wrote it to the address Is it right? Thanks for your help!

Marta said...

Hi Sarah, I really thank you for teaching us this year, your course is much different from the others and the only thing I regret is that we haven't had courses like yours in the past! Thank you for making us much more enthusiastic and interested in the English language and more "interculturally-conscious"!!
I'm sorry I couldn't come to the final lesson yesterday, hope to see your around again!

Elena B said...

Hi Sarah,
I want just to join my peers'comments and thank you for this fascinating and highly stimulating one-year English course together.
Hope to see you around! ;-)

veronica bozzato said...

Hi Sarah!
It has been a pleasure to work with you this year! Your course was very interesting and stimulating... and much different from all the others! Thank you very much for everything! :-)

veronica bozzato said...
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Silvia Lovato said...

Thank you so much for everything! Your passion for teaching, your enthusiasm and your competence made me love this course! Thank you, Sarah! I hope we will keep in contact! As my peers said, it's been a pleasure to work with you!


Silvia Lovato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silvia Lovato said...

Sorry to bother you again, I'm having some problems with technology! Yesterday, I added the missing answers to my ICC. However, the wiki page didn't save my changes! I've just realised it! I added them now but I cannot work on it anymore this night because I live in a Collegio and they close the broadband connection at 10.30. I'm really sorry! I just need to read it again and add something. It will be ready for tomorrow afternoon! Would you mind accepting it? I mean, the ICC is almost finished, I just need to check it!

thank you so much


Lamericaana said...

Dear Silvia,

If there's one thing we've learned in this course it's that technology is great, when it works. And it doesn't always work. We've also learned that patience is the key word! No need to worry. What's important is that you're ICC assessment is thoughtful. Anytime by next week is fine.


elisac said...

Hi Sarah!
I really liked your course. What I have particularly appreciated is that you taught us many things which will be useful in the future.
Furthermore, all the activities helped me to mature during the year. Thank you very much for everything.

monica said...

Hi Sarah,
as I was in a hurry on Wednesday I didn't manage to thank you for everything done in this course. I'm a totally impatient person, but I've learned that patience can really make people enjoyable. You are one of those lovely patient people I've luckily met!!!
It's been a pleasure to work with you...
Hope to see you around so that we might enjoy together the spritz I missed on Wednesday:-)

Giovanna said...

Hi Sarah,
I would like to sign the petition but it keeps halting the process for suspicious activity! What could I do?

Raffa said...

Hi Sarah,
first of all thank you for having been so kind and helpful during this course.
I have just got a message from Marta,saying that the layout of our wikipage has changed (parts have been moved to wrong places), while she was trying to add things. What can we do?
Sorry for the problem!

Zara said...

Dear Sarah and peers,
I'm really sorry I didn't drink that spritz with you all - if you had it - on Wed. Unfortunately, the fever I had that day rose and I had to go home...actually, that was a tonsillitis working to make me sick! Today I'm feeling better and I hope that for Tuesday I'll be definitely recovered!
I'd like to say to you that it's been a pleasure to work with you during this year. I really enjoyed the experience and appreciated the work we've done together!
Sarah, thank you for the way you took this course!
May the force be with you all;)

Martina Urbani said...

Thank you so much to everybody for the great work we did together. I'm very satisfied with the work done and I hope to keep record of all wise suggestions and useful remarks I've received from you so far.

I wish you ALL THE BEST!

Marta T. said...

Thank you Sara for everything; your course, your patience, your teaching. I read that I am not the only one that thinks such things.
Congratulation! It is not simple to have so much positive comments from the students..