Monday, May 26, 2008

One last little thing

I hate to ask you all to do something else, but I really do think it would be useful. Some time in the next few weeks, take a look at the mindmap of your PLE that you made at the end of the first semester. Consider whether or not it has changed since then. Would you add any new categories, tools, etc. for intercultural learning? Are there tools you no longer use or new ones you now use? If so, revise your mindmap and/or write a blog post about the changes that have taken place. Updating your PLE every now and again is a good opportunity to stop and reflect on what and how you are learning, which, as many of you stated in your mid-term papers, is learning itself.

I look forward to reading what you have to say :-)

If you did not attend the first semester and would like to make your own PLE, please go see the instructions for e-tivity 9. If you'd like to see what your peers last semester did, you can access their blogs through the blogroll, clicking on the various groups. They developed some very nice mindmaps ;-)


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Raffa said...

Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to ask you one thing. As I didn't attend the first semester, my blog doesn't appear in the list of contributors, what can I do? The URL of my blog is
Thank you