Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Please come

Dear all,

I'm sure and I hope you are all familiar with the problems we language teachers face professionally, e.g. we are not recognized language teachers, but rather 'collaboratori', such that our lessons are actually called 'addestramento linguistico'. It is our belief that this lack of recognition of what we really harms first and most of all students. There are not enough of us, therefore your classes are large, we are not teachers, therefore our courses are worth very few credits regardless of your efforts, etc.

With these issues in mind, I would like to ask you to come support us on Thursday (see below). The more of us there are, the louder and clearer the message will be.

Hope to see you ALL Thursday.


I Collaboratori ed Esperti Linguistici (CEL) dell’Universit√† di Padova sono costretti ad aprire una nuova fase di mobilitazione e di lotta a tutela della propria professionalit√†, di insegnanti di lingue, e dei propri diritti.

I temi e gli obiettivi risultano, purtroppo, gli stessi che da troppi anni affliggono una categoria 'invisa' all'accademia.

Il personale CEL invita studenti, docenti e P.T.A. a partecipare alla


Aula “H” in Palazzo Maldura


5 giugno



Martina Urbani said...

Dear Sarah,

I hope this conference will support and help 'collaboratori' and 'esperti linguistici'. It's important that people become aware of the great job you do!

See you on Thurday then! =)

Martina said...

Dear Sarah,
I'd really like taking part in the meeting, but I'll have an exam on Thursday. I hope the meeting will be successful! ;-)

See you soon,
Martina (Torresan)

veronica bozzato said...

Hi Sarah!
I'd like taking part in the meeting but I've a medical examination at 2 pm and I can't come! I hope the meeting will be sucessful!

see you soon :-)


Alberto said...

Hi Sarah!
I'm afraid I can't come because I'm not in Padua, now... :(

Good luck!