Monday, May 05, 2008

Peer Feedback on your Wiki Pages

Peer feedback task

Your feedback for your peers is a fundamental part of the editing process. Your wiki pages are written by students for students. They will be used with future students both for informative purposes and as examples of how to write effective wiki pages. Your pages may also very well be edited by future students. The wiki is also public and is already being viewed by outsiders so you have quite a wide public. Clearly the teachers will provide final feedback, but your peer feedback is a first step.

For those of you who attend, we will do the peer feedback in class. For those of you who do not attend, please go to the final project page on the wiki where you will find instructions on how to carry out the peer feedback. If you are the non-attendees, you are welcome to divide up the task and have one or more of you do the peer feedback for one of the pages and the other for the other page. There is no need to sign your peer feedback, just make sure your feedback is thorough.
Reminder about calendars:

Remember that the students at Dickinson have finished their official semester so we will no longer by Skyping in class (you are, however, welcome and encouraged to do so in your free time!). Therefore, this week and next week I would like everyone to come to class on Monday and Wednesday, if possible.

You will not have to do a ppt presentation for the end of the course, but I will be sending you a little task on Wednesday so make sure you check the blog.

The deadline for the peer feedback is this Wednesday morning. The deadline for the final draft is Monday the 12th (for the Americans too).

As always, write a comment here if you’ve got any questions.



Serena Santi said...

Hi Sarah,
unfortunately I cannot come tomorrow because I have to attend Prof. Oboe's lessson.

Giovanna said...

Hi Sarah,
my group has to do the peer revision on group 9 and 10. We did the peer revision on group 10 and when we were about to do it on group 9 we saw that group 7 used our revision page on group 9 to do the revision about our wiki page. Does what I've written make sense? What could we do? Maybe paste their revision in the right place so that we can do our? We don't know how to contact them, so maybe you could tell them tomorrow.
Thank you

Lamericaana said...

Dear Giovanna,

I tried figuring out what had happened, but couldn't! Anyway, I'll ask them tomorrow. In the meantime, go ahead and add your feedback to the existing page. Two is better than one, right?
Thanks a lot.
Will I see you all in class tomorrow or next week? It would be important for you to come at least one of the two days next week.

Take care,


Niko said...

Dear Sarah, after submitting our feedback to our peers I started receiving lots of e-mails communicating me that my peers (and others) have edited their page. I'm glad to be informed about that but my e-mail box is getting full of this sort of messages, is there any way of reducing them?

Cristina said...

Hi! I'm in group 8 and I was trying to make the peer feedback for the group 4a but actually the page for group 4a does not exist so I don't know where to write the comments!
Crsitina group8.

Lamericaana said...

@Niko - Just log in to the wiki and below your email it asks if you want to be notified of any changes. Make sure there's no tick, or tick it and untick it, and that should solve the problem.
@Cristina - It's there now :-)


stella´s blog said...

Hi Sarah,
unfortunately I cannot be on class today because I've got fever..


ElenaCosta said...

Hi Sarah, like Serena I won't be present today because of an extraordinary overlapping with another lesson. I will check the blog anyway to read the new task!

PS: Our American peer added his part about ergastolo in our wiki page and now the table of contents doesn't work again. I will try to modify it by checking the html structure of the page, but if you have time could you have a look at it as well? Thank you very much, technology is often recalcitrant!!!

Niko said...

Hi! Sarah. I was editing my page and I found out that my first paragraph is out of format, lines are mixed a little.I wondered how I could fix that.
Thanks a lot,