Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Final Feedback

Dear all,

I finally managed to read all of your wiki pages and give you feedback. In most of your pages, I see significant improvements compared to where you were at at the end of last semester, especially as far as organization and writing short, concise senteces are concerned. There are still some problems with accuracy and this is why you won't find many 30s, but then again that was not the main focus of this course.

I found the pages extremely interesting and the amount of work and effort you put into them is clear. I would especially like to thank you all for putting up with and dealing with the challenges of writing on a wiki. It was hard, but your pages are there, online, and will be used as a reference for future students and may be the starting point for other future students' final projects. So be proud of what you've done! The wiki is still in its early stages, but I present it around the world so believe me, your pages have an international audience!

I have uploaded rubrics for each wiki page to the final project page on the wiki. There I have also added the number of votes your page received. I made a mistake when I made the questionnaire and didn't ask you in your comments to explicitly specify which page you had voted for and were commenting on so more often than not it's not clear. Therefore, I have uploaded a file with a list of the comments. See if you can figure out if and any refer to your page. Sorry - live and learn, right?

For your final grades I considered your mid-term papers, your blogs, your peer and self assessments and the collective grade for the final project. I have given them to Prof. Taylor and Prof. Busà for them to determine your final grades. If you would like to know what the separate grades are, please sent me a blank email simply with 'feedback' written as the subject. I find it hard to find all your emails and this way I can be sure you'll get your own specific feedback.

I recognize that you all worked very hard this year, as did I. But personally I have found it rewarding and believe we have all learned a lot about culture, collaborating, online digital technologies, and, of course, English.

Have a great summer!

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alessandrasq said...

Dear Sara,
first of all I want to apologize to you if today I didn't attend the meeting. My father is in the hospital because yesterday he had a heart syrgery. All was alright, but now I have to go there. I've just read you last post. I'm very happy to be one of the winners of the wiki page. As you wrote, it's was a very hard work, but at the end it gave to me a lot of gratifications and I learnt a lot from this course. Now I would like to now my final grade, but I can find your email adress. I write mine in this comment. I hope you can see it. (
Thank you again for the effort you put in teaching this class and I hope to see you around.
Have a nice summer and relax

Alessandra Squaquara