Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dashes and so

During class today, a bit of confusion came up regarding how to use dashes and the word 'so'.

I never use them, but this doesn't mean they aren't used. This site confirms what you said Scott told you about dashes giving importance to words. This one says something a bit different. This one looks a lot better and I like the WikiHow site :-)

No definitive conclusions yet, but besides being an informal version of 'therefore', 'so' is a coordinating conjunction, meaning it connects two words, phrases or clauses, whereas 'therefore' is an adverb and links independent clauses.
Therefore ;-) 'therefore' is preceded by a semi-colon and followed by a comma and 'so' should not have any punctuation even though you will often find it preceded by a comma.


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AnnaF said...

Dear Sarah,
I am Anna Faggian and I'attending professor Taylor's course this semester.
Due to the fact that both my German language course and your lessons concided, I could attend just one of your lessons. This week my German course ends and I will attend your classes till the end of the course.
Is it possible for me to do the work you did in class on my own?
Do I need to do any extra work?
Thanks, Anna Faggian.