Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Criteria we came up with in class

Collective Intelligence

Why was the information provided?
if you are an academic or researcher
online journals pay-access only
open access online journals

who is the author?
is it an author who is known in the community?
if not, could he/she be considered authoritative? (e.g. a dissertation)
shouldn't be written by a no-one
part of a network?

The website
what's the domain? (if it's on the Web)
do cross-referencing - same info or opinions in other websites? cited in other places?
graphics - layout, e.g. a lot of emoticons? a lot advertisements?
is the "knowledge" protected by some kind of license, material copyrighted? or creative commons?
how many times has the site been visited?
who is responsible for the website and the content?

The contents
is the contente reliable? external references? useful links? use of paragraphs, etc?
when was the information published? is there something more recent or is this still the authority?

words we've excluded from our vocabulary: DON'T HAVE TO BE MUSTN'T

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