Wednesday, April 01, 2009

E-tivity 4: Feedback


Surprise, surprise!...Bookmarking is so delicious...

What a discovery!

Social Bookmarking is DELICIOUS!

"Delicious-ly" bookmarking!

Your blog post titles say it all :-) Undoubtedly the name of the tool lends itself to creative title-making ;-)

You all have clearly explored delicious and discovered many of the ways in which it can truly be a useful tool. From reading your posts, what’s most important is you’ve understood the ‘social’ aspect. It’s also good that you’re finding new ways the Web can help you improve your English. Speaking of which…as language students you are, obviously, still making minor errors in your written expression. You should feel comforted by the fact that you make similar mistakes ;-) It’s also always good to make a list that can become sort of a checklist of things to go through before posting a post. One that might come out of these posts is:

- Relative clauses
- Sentence order and structure
- Paragraphing and paragraph length
- Punctuation (especially with subordinators and conjuncts!)

All things considered, though, you all express yourselves clearly and use appropriate words. Well done.

Regarding comments, those I read were supportive and friendly and clearly indicated you are reading one another. The next step is to make a second comment in which you provide each other with linguistic feedback. Good luck!


P.S. Three people put the –s on adjectives!!!

Click here to download my feedback to groups 3 and 7.

For some tips on how to give effective feedback, click here and here.

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