Friday, October 27, 2006


Surfing the web, in search for some interesting blogs to recommend you, I found two nice blog web sites that are worth seeing:
It is a very nice blog about recipes, craft projects and ideas for holidays and celebrations from which you can take your cue for organizing a journey such as a cruise, or celebrating for the best a feast, such as Christmas or Easter.

It has a good layout which makes all the pages of the hyper text easily accessible fron the home page. Additionally, it gives you the possibility to access to pages of other web sites through some links - which you find at the bottom of the home page - that link you to other holiday resources.

Concerning the language used by the bloggers, it is simple and informal and, as a result, easy to understand.
It caught my attention because it contains some information and news about any kind of animal. Every day bloggers edit some pages about animals that are really unusual. For example, look at this strange creature:

Is it really strange, isn't it?

As regards the layout, it is a bit more complex than the layout of the previous web site, so the links to the other pages of the blog are less noticeable.

As far as the language is concerned, it is quite simple in the descriptions of animals and colloquial tone in the comments.

Taking into account these two blogs and other blogs at which I took a quick look, I can state that bloggers tend to use a simple and clear style that makes the contents easily comprehensible.

Daniela Pesce


isaperini said...

Hi Daniela! I really enjoyed visiting your second blog (! I am very interested in animals and had a great time reading the information given about those uncommon animals like the giant anteater, the bowhead whale and the "rock rabbit". But that's not all! There are also a lot of photos and above all videos I watched: the great white shark videos where amazing and the funny dog videos made me laugh a lot! So thankyou for sharing this blog with us!


limbo82 said...

I went to visit the blogs you have suggested. I found them very interesting! The first blog I saw, was about free holiday ideas: In the home page there was a printable calendar for 2007. It is very nice and useful! I can use it without buying another calendar to write my appointments.
I think this blog offers various ideas that could be used to give someone a gift for example...I was very surprised to see the other gives you some important information about many animals such as lions, the grey fox, the strange giant anteater and the killer whale. I read the article about this beautiful animals and I discovered some news: for example, I didn't know that the killer whale is the largest predator of mammals that exists on earth today!

larafalla said...

Hello Daniela!

I love animals, too and I find this blog, , curious and very interesting. I like the pictures and descriptions of the Giant Anteater, the Spiny Anteater and the Grey Fox on the home page.
But what I like most is the photo of the fattest cat in the world: my sister loves with all her heart cats I have to show her this super kitten!!
Unfortunally I tried to load the videos but I couldn't do it :-( maybe it's a problem of my internet connection.

Lovely blog