Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hi everybody!
I'm Francesca and I live with my parents in a small village near Verona immersed in the countryside. I have a brother who is married and gave me a wonderful nephew almost 3 months ago.
I did the triennale in Languages (English and French) in Verone and then I decided to move to Padua for the specialistica.
I have chosen it because I hope to have better work prospects.
I don't know what I would like to do after university, perhaps a job concerning tourism like travel agent.
It would be great to plan people's holidays.
Can you suggest me some interesting places to visit?
Something more about me.. I really like film of all ages and kinds, except comedies even if the last film I have seen is "The Devil wears Prada", but only because Meryl Streep is my favourite actress. Have you seen it?
I also like reading. Unfortunately I don't have enough spare time and I often read only the books listed in the exam programs.

If you want to learn more about my interests, go to these web sites:
Verona is a special city. Here you'll find information about tourism, culture and other interesting activities or events such as Mantegna's paintings exhibition.
Here you can read travel reports written directly by tourists. They are travellers' personal opinions but richer in emotions than tourist guides reviews. can download all the film posters and their plots.

This is my first blog, guys. In fact I'm not very familiar with this type of "technology".
I like writing and making videos with my computer, but sometimes we haven't idyllic relations!So I hope to be able to "tame" it for this project.
I look forward to have your comments.


larafalla said...

Hi Francesca!!!
It's quite difficult to comment your post because we're friends and know quite well each other: we have the same passion for tourism!
I can suggest you to visit San Zeno di Montagna, a small mountain village between Garda Lake and the Val d'Adige: from the main square of this hamlet there's a fine view over the whole Lake from Riva till Peschiera if the sky is quite clear; there are many paths in the wood, if you like, but if you prefer something more exciting there's also Park Jungle Adventure, which is a park in the wood made of three different routes - one easy for beginners, one of medium difficulty and one quite difficult and more dangerous for more experienced sportspeople; during the route you have a sort of harness and you have to cross some rope-bridges! I haven't yet make this experience but I want to do it next summer!! If you're curious go on the web site
I like Meryl Streep too, do you remember "Kramer vs. Kramer"? At the moment I don't remember very well, which other films did she make? "La morte ti fa bella", unfortunally I don't know the original title,and then?
Francesca help me!!

isaperini said...

Hi Francesca!!Among the different jobs I have thought of doing after university I have thought of becoming a travel agent too! I love the idea of travelling and visiting beautiful places and so also for me it would be great to organize nice and cheep trips not only for other people but above all for me!!
As for your preferences for films..I'm afraid I don't agree with you very much because I like commedies a lot and do not consider Meryl Streep as one of my favorite actresses. However I'll follow your advice and look forward to see "The Devil wears Prada"! Bye!

limbo82 said...

Hi Francesca!
Last week, I went to the cinema with my boyfriend but we didn't know what kind of film would be shown. Luckily, that evening there was the comedy (I love comedies!)entitled "the devil wears Prada". I was very satisfied with that film...I liked it a lot because, firstly, I think Meryl Streep is not only a very great actress but she's also very good at every role she plays. She is one of my favourite actress...
Secondly, the plot was not banal or boring...and I liked the chioce of the main character: a very beautiful but funny girl!

il_contribuente said...

Hi Francesca!
I opine that the idea of opening a travel agency is a very stimulating opportunity which, on the one hand, allows you to discover new fascinating places and to learn more about other countries; on the other hand, it is a job which implies responsability, which is determined by the fact that you have to try to persuade people to forget the stress of everyday life.

gioia-volley said...

Hi Francesca!
I guess we'd like to work in the same field, that one of tourism, in the next future ;-) My experience at the Campsite was great, I met a lot of people, I can say for sure, coming from all over the world! This Campsite is a Family Camping and last summer, especially in high season (july and august), we were really besieged by Dutch families, but also german and english ones. Thanks to a very useful website for young people, , we'd got a lot of students too coming from the States, from the UK, from Ireland and from Spain. They're used to travel all alone even if we're talking about holidays ;-) In low season the Campsite works instead with groups of german students who come in Italy with their teachers for a sightseeing trip. As you can say you should be very versatile once you'll decide to work with tourists, always ready to answer their questions and to satisfy their requests at any time!
And what about you? Are you seriously thinking about your own travel agency? Do you already have a strategic place where you can open it? ...
See you then!

danielina82 said...

Hi Francesca!
You wrote that you would like to work in the tourist field, for example in a travel agency because you like planning holidays. I think that working in Tourism is very interesting, it gives you the opportunity of knowing more about the world and its beauties. Additionally, it embraces a number of dynamic jobs, from the tourist guide to the employee who works in the travel organization department of a tour operator. I think that this coulb be the right job for you!
As far as tourist resorts is concerned, I suggest you to visit Kenya. Last month I went there and I was spellbound by it. Its sea, its savanna, its people... Everything is different from what we are accustomed to. It's another world and this is its charm!



Lamericaana said...

Just thought I'd let you know I'm proud to say Meryl Streep, one of my favorite actresses too, graduated from my univeristy, Vassar College ( :-)