Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hello everyboby!

I'm Daniela, one of the students of the 2nd year of the specialistic degree course in "Foreign Languages for international communication" at the University of Padua.
Before starting to attend this course, I took the Bachelor's degree (a three year degree) in "Mediazione Linguistica e culturale" at the same university. During these three years, I studied English, Spanish and French. Two years ago, unfortunately, I had to abandon French although I like it a lot, because at the Specialistica we can specialize only in two languages. So, I opted for English and Spanish, which have been my favourite foreign languages since I was a child.
I chose this specific course of study and not the traditional one in "Foreign language and literature", because I wanted and I still want to focus my attention not only on literature but also on other subjects such as Sociology, Economics and Law and my course gives me this opportunity.

But now that's enough of university, let's change the subject! My life is not only university, it is many other things....

My life is my family: my parents Anna and Orazio -who are often "angry" with me because I'm hardly ever at home but I know that they are proud of her daughter for all that she does :) - and my brother Antonio, who is 18;

My life is my boyfriend: his name is Alberto and he is part of my family by now because we have been engaged for 9 years and today is our anniversary!

My life is Valentina and Antonella, my best friends: we have known each other for a very long time, we try to help each other when we are in queer streets and we try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible when we are together...That is what friends usually do when they are fond of each other!

My life is Dance: this has been my passion since I was 4. Up to two years ago I practised calssical and modern dance two or three days a week, now I teach a small group of nice children to dance and it's a lovely experience!

My life is my present job: I work as a representative of tour operators at the airport of Venice, especially in summer, and occasionally as a congress hostess and tour leader.

My life is me: If I had to use only three words to describe me, they would be 'genuine', 'patient' and 'friendly'. Unfortunately, I have some faults, too. I'm untidy, a bit lazy and sometimes nervous. But we know that nobody's perfect!

....And finally my life is my future: we can't tell the future, but we can try to realize our future plans. I would like to became a Spanish or an English teacher at secondary schools and I hope to achieve my purpose.

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larafalla said...

Hello Daniela.
I see that teaching could give you satisfaction but don't you think that there're many ill-mannered students? Like Valentina you should be very patient, that is admirable! I can't teaching at all I could beat my students...
Please, tell me something more about your job! E.g. some problem that you had to face or some particular funny experience...I'm very interested in tourism, I'd like to work in this field so I'd like to listen to your direct witness.

isaperini said...

Well, happy anniversary!..even if I'm three days late! Hi Daniela, your right nobody is perfect..your being untidy and lazy are just some of the negative parts of my character too! However, talking about serious things, I see from your presentetion that you are a very dinamic person. I congratulate myself with you for the jobs you have done so far, I think it is very good for a girl of our age! As far as your future I'd like to share with you the information you have gathered so far about what is needed to become a language teacher at secondary schools because I'd like to become a teacher too but I was wondering if the degree of this specialistica is enough..what do you think?