Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Valentina's profile

Hi everyone!

My name is Valentina Callegaro, I'm 24 years old and I live with my parents in Marghera, near the marvellous city of Venice. I took the degree in "Discipline della Mediazione linguistica e culturale" and now, I'm attending the second year of "Lingue straniere per la comunicazione internazionale" at the University of Padua.

I chose this course because I like studying languages, in particular English and Spanish. I also studied french four years ago at the secondary school, but then I decided to continue the study of other languages. In the next future I'd like to open a travel agency in Venice. I've always desidered to manage a business enterprise and I hope to achieve my aim. I know it will be very difficult because it needs a lot of money and a good business management but I'd like to try to get it; if I didn't succeed in doing it, I would have another choice: I'd like to teach but it's a very long way, because I would have to go to another school called SIS, which prepares you to become a good teacher; but it costs too much!! I don't know what I will do in the future, it's better to not think about it now!

Concerning my hobbies, I don't practice any sport because I'm a very very lazy person. I always say: " Tomorrow I'll go to the gym!" and then I never go there. I like going out with my friends and I love reading but I don't have much free time because I have to study and I work as accountant in a workshop in Venice.

My favourite author is Nicholas Sparks. I read all his books, and now I'm finishing his last book entitled "three weeks, a world". I think he is able to describe feelings in a simple and clear way. He captures your attention, your immagination and you continue being interested by all his words. His stories deal with various issues such as love, sorrow, hope and friendship. I can recommend his books to everyone!

I adore animals, especially dogs, but I live in a block of owner-occupied flats in which it's no dogs admitted; so I can't have it. However, I have a fat hamster. We decided to call it Pollon, an indefinite and strange name, because we don't know if it is a female or a male hamster. We asked to a veterinarian to tell us the sex of it but he answered that it was not important. Unbelievable!

I also like painting but I'm not very good at it. About one years ago, I bought a book which explained me the techniques of painting but I understood that a person can't learn to paint; it's possible to make some progress in it but I think painting is a gift which not all people can have.

My favourite websites are: to see my mails this last one give me the possibility to go to other sites which like me.


larafalla said...

Hi Valentina!
I like painting, too! My sister studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Bologna and trasmited me her passion for it. I agree with you, painting is a gift, you can learn something more about it but it is something unstudied.
You're a very patient person, are you? I see I'd like to be a teacher, if not a travel agent, I think I could never be a teacher because I can't explain something more then two times. I think I could be tempted to beat my students seeing that many kids are quite coarse. Teaching is not my vocation at all!

isaperini said...

Hi Valentina!I have your same problem with sports..I'm too lazy to begin practicing a sport and keep the practice of it!!And for what concerns the gym..I think its really borig to stay shut in a room with other people you don't even know and run on a boring tapisroulant!!I certainly prefer to go running in a green field with a friend or with my dog!
I like painting too and I also think that the fun of it is just to paint, to put colours together and give what you are drawing a shape you like. At least this is how I consider the art of painting: something fun and relaxing!

il_contribuente said...

Hi Valentina!
I'm fairly interested by the concept of artistic creation, whose discussion is lost in antiquity. I opine that there is a sort of direct innatism in painting, which does not need a propaedeutic training exactly because, otherwise, there would be an art (for example the art of doing art) which always precedes another art, generating in this way an infinite process. In addition, like Pollack recently did, for example, you can invent a new technique instead of utilizing the existing ones.
Bye! See you!

danielina82 said...
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danielina82 said...

Hi Valentina!
You wrote that in your next future you'd like to open a travel agency or become a language teacher. I'm also interested in these activities, but - as you have already explained - it is very difficult to achieve these ambitions. The opening of a travel agency requires lots of money and additionally - if you want to become the technical manager of your agency - you'll have to work for two years in a travel agency and then to pass a hard exam; To became a teacher you'll have to attend the SIS. Someone says that probably in some years'time the SIS will no longer exist and for teaching it will be enough to pass a competitive state exam. I hope that!
Anyway....have a good luck!