Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's blog !

I had a very surprising experience with my first surf into blogs: as Sarah suggested I went to Technorati and looked for the word “tourism”; 41,458 results flowed from “all blogs” with “some authority” in “English” of course. However I wasn’t actually satisfied with my research having just a list of blog links regarding space journey, forums about people who had great experiences travelling all around the world and so on. Therefore I tried to refine my research looking for “tourism AND culture”: I had “just” 3,874 results where, however, I was attracted by the etiquette “University diaries”. I got to know a blog where a professor of English from Wisconsin University describes the American university life and he aims to change things and to solve problems. I found it very interesting! I think it’s a great effort in trying to fill the gap between professors and students which is particularly stressed in the Italian university. In these last days they were talking about the number of college students who are, on the average, more into the drunk thing than probably ever before: many students and other professors are replying to.

There was also something else in this blog that caught my interest: the students too have their own sections not only to reply to the professor but to keep a sort of diary of their considerations and opinions about what’s going on in their Country as well as in the world, quoting, for example, from the newspaper.

My second attempt with Technorati was searching something about “Giuseppe Tornatore”, the Italian Oscar-winning director with his latest movie La Sconosciuta. I was once again pleasantly surprised to discover an Italian magazine forum where foreigners share information about travelling and living in Italy, region by region, town by town. And I can tell you for sure that is quite funny reading about our Country from other completely different points of view; I guess it’s another chance for Italians to try to better understand their own native land.

The Wisconsin college students’ blog is quite different from the Italian magazine forum: for instance, in the kind of language used, formal and stylish for native speakers at the University and informal, simple, not refined for foreigners who share their experiences made abroad. The kind of language changes together with the kind of users who leave their bit on the blog. The use of links works in the same way: the links are in strategic points in the University blog (they refer the reader to other useful blogs, to important newspaper websites and so on) while, in the second blog, there aren’t any links which refer to something having a great value.

Have a look at both of them and let me know what your impressions are:



limbo82 said...

Hi Alice!
I visited the two blogs you have suggested. They are very interesting because they give us some important information; Concerning the first blog you have described in your comment, it attracted my attention because it deals with the American university life where there are some serious problems that should be solved...but, sincerely, I prefer the blog about the italian magazine forum where you can read a lots of various articles about living in all the italian regions.
For example, I was surprised to read an article about a tourist who paid 990 euros for a beer in a pub in Rome and, only a few months after, an american tourist paid 980 euros for two beers. Unbelievable!
I also discovered another article about the new show that will chart the development of Egon Schiele, one of my favourite expressionist painter.
Thanks to your blog I knew some interesting news!


Magicesca said...

Hi Alice.
I appreciated the two blogs you suggested but I would like to spend a few words about the one concerning American students’ life.
I think it is a good idea to create a space in which the teachers but also the students can express their sensations and opinions on different related topics.
It is an informal way to get to know the point of view of both of them and to highlight problems trying to find a solution.
I don’t believe the blogger will succeed in changing things but certainly he is on the right lines to improve them.