Monday, October 16, 2006

Lara's profile

My name is Lara, I'm 25 years old and I live in Vicenza with my parents. I study at the university of Padua, have the degree in "Mediazione linguistica e culturale" and this is my second and last year (I hope!) at the Specialistica.
I have chosen this course because I like travelling, meeting people from different countries and knowing differents ways of life. Moreover, I think it is important to know at least two languages to find a good job after the university.
I have a nephew of 4 years old I love because he is spontaneous, intelligent and funny; I like to play with him. The correct description of myself could be that I'm still a "little child", this means I'm ingenuous, direct, open, natural and plain. I adore to see my friends and going out with them. In my spare time I do some sports: jazzercise and swimming. I love reading, watching movies and cooking even if I need to practice! I like animals but my mother is allergic so I can't have any animals at home. Fortunately my boyfriend has two dogs and a cat so when I go at his house I play a lot with them.
I hate the computer so the websites I use are just to see my mails and to have any information about my courses.


larafalla said...

Hi Lara!
I feel like a child, too! Maybe I have the Peter Pan complex, if it is so I'm proud of it! But I think one should live using a little bit of the mind's eye of a child.
I don't know if you like children but thinking about them I'm reminding Anne Geddes' photos? Do you like them? I think they're fantastic! Seeing that I'm surfing the internet, I'm going to see if there's an official web site concerning her photos. Found! It is, maybe if you visit it you'll find the net less ugly.

Magicesca said...

Like you and Lara I'm of the Peter Pan's company, too.
I think that what happens every day in the world is tolerable only thanks to fancy.
You are auntie like me. Isn'it an incredible experience to live?
I like swimming,too. When I'm doing it I feel light, every thought disappear and then I can load my mind with other thoughts.