Monday, October 16, 2006

Something about Me

Hi! My name is Isabella Perini and I live in Vicenza. I study languages at the university of Padua and in particular I study English, German and Spanish. I chose to study languages because I like the idea of being able to communicate with other people in other countries different from my own.

What else can I say about me?..I have a dog I love, who follows me around in everything I do when I am at home..he is 11 years old now but he still plays as if he were a puppy! I like all animals in general and in fact I chose for me a boyfriend who studies to become a veterinarian!

For the rest I think that one of the most difficult things for me is to talk about myself as a person..I am pretty shy and do not like to talk about myself in general.However, in a few words I can say I am a person people can trust on, who does not have many friends but the ones I do have are real friends and I am also a sincere person.

Concerning my hobbies.. they are not very exciting..I like to go out with my friends in my spare time or watch movies at home..the fact is that I do not have much free time because I get home from Padua almost everyday at 7 p.m., and the other days I work as a babysitter with a fouryearold, to whom I should teach some English even if he does not want to know much about it!!

As for my favorite websites..I do not have many of them. However, the ones I use more often are: and from this last one I get to all the other sites that could interest me.


larafalla said...

Hi Isabella!
I can understand you, when I did the triennale I was a commuter too and I had no spare time! I think it is normal, you come at home too late and too tired.
I like the idea of being able to talk with foreing people, too but what kind of job would you like to do? I'd like something dynamic and in touch with people even if I'm shy as you, because I want to win my shyness; and what about you?

Magicesca said...

Hi Isabella.
You answered me saying that you like comedies. What is your favourite one?
Perhaps, I can change my opinion about it.
I agree with you as far as friends are concerned. I think that it's better to have few friends but loyal and true.
I know that is difficult to talk about ourselves. In fact my presentation is quite general and avoids all personal details.

gioia-volley said...

Hi there! I see what you mean when you say that you don't have much free time because I live next to Verona and I catch the train every day early in the morning to come to the university :-( Unfortunately at the moment I cannot recommend you any interesting websites where you can find bike-tours because I always go with someone who knows the way quite well. What I can suggest you, if you like also eno-gastronomic-tours, is to reach Mantua by bike! There's a wonderful cycle-path along the river Mincio which makes the bike-tour possible. Along the path you can find also nice farm holidays where you can stop and have a tasty break. Under there is all the information and if you need more just ask me I know it quite well! Don't forget that this year in Mantua you can also visit the art exhibition about Mantegna. Bye then! Alice

limbo82 said...

Hi Isabella!
I read your comment about painting and I agree with you: painting is something fun, relaxing and amusing.
I think that the most important thing when you start to paint is just to put colours together. I like drawing various fantastic shapes and choosing the colours (I love bright and light colours, especially the red and yellow ones).
Concerning your introduction, it's difficult also for me to talk about myself; I wouldn't know to choose the appropriate adjectives to describe me. I prefer that my friends or my family give an opinion or draw a profile about my personality and my character.

danielina82 said...

Hi Isabella!
Your introduction reveals your great love of animals. I also love animals, especially dogs. I've had got a dog for a few months and he looks like a little child. It's incredible the fact that they follow us in everything we do!
As regards your character, I think that sincerity is one of the most important attributes a person can have. You have to be proud of that!
You wrote that you don't have many friends, but the important thing is not the amount of them, but the fact that they are real friends.