Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Hello everybody!

Come and see my brand new blog at

I'm waiting for your comments.



larafalla said...

Hi Francesca!!!!!!!!!

I really like your blog, because you make me aware of some blogging feature I didn't capture!
In particular concerning the layout and the visual impact on readers and I appreciate the part in which you report several definitions of blogging, short and clear.
I must admit that after reading your blog I've realized there're so many features I ignored in mine :-( but this is so cool! because it demonstrates that blogging works! I'm really learning somenthing new!
so thanks dear Magicesca!

limbo82 said...

Hi Francesca!
You have done an excellent work! your blog is clear, complete and well organized...I think it's perfect! I really enjoy it!... the most interesting aspect is the layout you created to develop your blog. You have divided your work into three questions which sum up the main topics of our course and developed them in a clear and simple way. Your blog has not a boring or ponderous style. The various sentences are short, effective and comprehensible. I appreciated also the way in which you explained the second question about the aim of a blogger: you divided the text into three brief paragraphs and each of them has its underlined title...This structure permits you to read easily the contents and, if the bloggers don't want to read all the text,in any case they can have a smattering thanks to these titles.
I perfectly agree with you when, in the last part of your comment, you wrote: "I believe that the blogging activities are able to satisfy the three parts of a language learning: reading, writing and speaking".

Thank you a lot Francesca!

gioia-volley said...

Hi there Francesca!
I did enjoy your blog a lot ;-) The layout is great! I love photos and I agree with you when you say that they can help us to better understand a person! The use of questions is winning: it helps the reader to keep his/her attention focused on the topic. The colours make the rest.
As regards your question about how to get a link you should see carefully once you post a message because there you'll find a botton which says exactly "add a link".
Enjoy your blog!