Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hello everybody! I chose a picture which, as you can see, represents a seaside location. I chose this picture because I love the sea, sun, water, sand and heat! I'm not a very carefree and cheerful person. On the contrary I'm moody, and my mood often changes according to the weather: when it's raining, foggy or cloudy I become sad, and that's why I'd like to live in a place like the one in the picture!
Some websites that I usually visit are:

_ www.lettere.unipd.it: to check exams notes, teachers' e-mail addresses, course timetable, news in general, and many other things concerning university;
_ www.mymovies.it: to read movie trailers and to check movie timetables;
_ www.libero.it: to check my mail.
That's it! I'm not very fond of the internet, I only use it when I really need it! Of course I think it's a very good technological invention and I think it's really useful, but I'm not the kind of person that likes surfing the Net just because s/he is curious or simply likes dealing with information technology!
I like going to the cinema very much, while I don't enjoy watching films on TV very much!
I love summer and sun, while I hate autumn, winter, rain, clouds and cold. I have contrasting feelings about the snow: I like skiing, but I can't stand being forced to stay in in the evening when weather conditions are so bad that I can't drive to my friends' or to my boyfriend's!
In my free time I like going out with my friends and my boyfriend or lying on the sofa and watching TV (as you can guess I'm lazy!).
Up to now I've only told you about my bad qualities (moody, lazy), but I also have some good qualities: I like laughing and making people have fun; I'm sensitive and generous, and even when I get in a bad mood I try not to make other people notice it.
I was forgetting to tell you that my favourite colour is pink!


Erica Buzz said...

Ilaria, it is strange that you don't like surfing in Internet. I don't spend much time surfing,too, but when I do it, the risk is that seometimes, even though I have imposed myself to spend only a few minutes, I find myself spending the whole afternoon using it: that is the bad aspect of Internet, because it captures your mind, you feel curious and look for something, and then for something else, and then for seomething else again, until it is evening...so perhaps you miss the chance to have a walk outside or to meet with friends. What do you think about it?

ilaria said...

It won't ever happen to me to miss the chance to meet my friends nor to do anything more interesting and creative because of Internet! It has never happened to me to spend a whole afternoon surfing in internet: an hour for me is really enough! I get bored after a while!But I know that most people would agree with you! Thank you for giving an opinion about my presentation!

alexandra said...

Dear Ilaria,
I had some problems when reading your description because of the colour of your type... (I love pink as it is my favourite colour as well but I do not think it is the right color for our messages :D!)
I think that Internet is a great source of information that allows you to learn many new things in a short time but what it is more you have to know how to deal with it in order to avoid getting lost in the net. So it needs some exercise... I did not have ADSL till two weeks ago and now I am spending a great deal of time on it! But I do not have abandoned my friends nor my hobbies... The two things are compatible, are not they?