Thursday, March 01, 2007

Erica Bergamin

I chose a picture of Bon Jovi because this group means a lot to me and I think it also has a lot to say about me. Here you can see Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora during one of their wonderful concerts!!!
I was born in 1983 that is exactly the year when Bon Jovi’s first album was released, so that I can really say that I grew up hearing their music. When I was a child, it was only my brother Mirko who was fond of them. He kept on hearing the song “Keep the faith” all day long, and because of this in that period I really couldn’t stand Bon Jovi’s music.
Then, in 1994, “Always” came out. This song had a huge success, and many people still consider it Bon Jovi’s most beautiful single. I was so in love with “Always” that I bought the two cds that Bon Jovi released that year, namely their “Best of” and “These days”: that’s when I realised that I love them. In fact, hearing these albums I found out that I liked almost every song, so I decided to buy every album they had released and started to get information about them.
In that period I also started to learn English and their songs were to me a source to learn many new words. I discovered that they are not only good players, but also real poets: in my opinion, not only the rhythm of their songs but also their words very beautiful.
Bon Jovi’s songs are definitely the soundtracks of my life. I am not even able to say what is my favourite song! Anyway, when I think back at my saddest and happiest moments of my life, there is always one of their song in my mind, and it is still so. In fact their music helps me when I am down, giving me strength when I need it most, and expresses exactly what I’m feeling when I’m happy or when I’m in love.
I think they have written “a song for every occasion”, as their style changes a lot from song to song and even more from album to album. In their albums there are in fact romantic ballads -that can be either sad or happy- as well as hard rock songs.
Lately their music changed a lot. With time they have become much more romantic and interested in what happens in the world. I was really surprised when they released another album after September, 11. They had said they didn’t want to make music anymore, but after this tragic event they wanted to show the world the spirit of the Usa, with the songs “Undivided”, that shows their hope for a better future, and “Postcards from the waste land”, that reflected the bad moment America was living.
Nobody knows if they will go on making music or not, but it doesn’t matter to me, as they have already given me a lot: I think I will always like them and up to now, there is nothing that represents me better than them.


Alessandra Peron said...

Hi Erica! I can't honestly say I know very much about Bon Jovi, but I remember they sang a song called "Queen of New Orleans" or something like that, which had a good sound.

When I was in school, my English teacher often made us listen to popular songs of the moment and explained the lyrics... I think it's a fun way to learn new words in a foreign language, especially for teenagers and young people.

ilaria said...

Hello Erica! I agree with you both when you say Bon Jovi's songs are beautiful and when you say that English songs can contribute to learn the language. I discovered Bon Jovi's songs only at university because my flat mate liked them and made me here an old cd of them (I can't remember it's title), I liked it very much! I'm not as crazy as you are for them but I really like their songs. As concerns the contribute English songs can give to learn the language I have to say that I learned from them many expressions and words enjoying my self!

Erica Buzz said...

Hi Erica!
I was a bit surprized to find out that you chose a photo like this, shich is so different from the others!!!
I like Bon Jovy, too, perhaps because it's ages since I 've been listening to his songs (my mother loves him). As you wrote, I usually listen to foreign music, not only just for fun, but because I think they are good tools to learn new words.

viola said...

Dear Erica,
great choice!I can't say I'm the biggest Bon Jovi fan but I like their music a lot (and I also thinh he is very cute!!!) I loved "It's my life" and especially when it says:"I just wanna live while I'm alive". I agree with you when you say that sometimes there are songs which seem to have been written exactly for you!Love,

Elena said...

I really like the part when you say that you only your brother Mirko used to listen to Bon Jovi because my eldest sisters, Arianna and Fabiola, used to do the same and consequetly I listened to Bon jovi!My sisters have always been a model to me and I find sweet how our eldest brothers or sisters can influence our point of view..of course each of us has his or her own personality but I think I would be different from what I'm now without my sisters.
This has nothing to do with Bon Jovi itself but I thought that maybe you get on well with your brother as do I with my sisters.

susi said...

Hi Erica!
I like Bon Jovi too, and most of the songs remind me of special moments!:-) I think you are perfectly right saying that they have written "a song for every occasion": depending on your mood you can always find a song that expresses your feelings!