Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hi folks!

My name is Martina, I’m 23 and I live with my parents and my little sister Camilla (she’s only seven) in Bagnoli di Sopra, a small country near Padua.

This is my fifth year at the University of Padua and I hope it will be the last one. At the moment I’m attending some language courses (English and German) while working at my thesis - translating some essays about racism in the United States and writing a short commentary.

In my spare time I like having fun with my friends, going to the cinema or to a pub, playing with my sister, reading every kind of books (essays, novels, short stories, and also comics) and listening to some rock and metal music (especially groups coming from Spain). I’m also interested in photography, but I’m not very good at taking photos.
When I have time, I like walking in the mountains or visiting important towns in Italy and abroad.

This is a photo from flickr. Have you ever been to Finisterre in Galicia (Spain)? Unfortunately, I haven’t. Not yet. Well, Cape Finisterre is the westernmost point of Spain and from there you can see the Atlantic Ocean. Some centuries ago it people thought it was the edge of the world.

I do like this photo and for me it is a sort of a metaphor:

- the cliff and the rocks represent not only what I know about myself, but also my fears that don’t let me improve myself;

- the light you can see in the distance is what I would know about myself if I dared to go through the ocean (that is to say, if I dared to brush aside my fears;

- the water is the path between now (the land) and then (the light). It shows me how I can improve myself day after day, leaving my fears behind.

What else about myself? Really, I don’t know.

Ah, the websites I visit more often are:

- lettere and scienze politiche for lessons, timetables and other information about university;

- wikipedia for every information you might need;

- yahoo, a good resource for reading my emails and finding new information and websites;

- logos, a very good dictionary online where you can find words from almost every language.


Erica Buzz said...

Dear Martina,
It sounds so strange that, even though we chose a photo containing the same natural elements, we consider them in a different way. You compare the cliffs and rocks to your fears, while I consider the mountains contained in my photo as what is sure in my life. Contrarily to you I feel the water as something that we cannot stop. I consider myself like water, no one cannot stop me, and if I want to achieve a purpose, I do like water, I go on…
If you want to visit a place, I suggest you the Worthersee, near Klagenfurt. I’ve been twice there and I really love this place. I like walking along the lake and sitting in front of it. It can sound strange but what one feels there cannot be explained completely, the sensations I usually feel there are the most beautiful, happy and immense I could ever have.
Erica Buzzacarin

Alessandra Peron said...

Hi Martina, I'm surprised at how deep your analysis was... I hadn't given it much thought before, but you really can make an introspective analysis of a picture, can't you?
And I use Logos, too... it's a good resource.

As for Spanish groups, I can't say I know many of them... A few years ago, my brother had a CD by a group called "Ska-P", have you ever heard of them? They weren't too bad, I suppose.

martina said...

Hi Alessandra!
Of course, I know Ska-P...actually they don't play rock/metal music, but ska music. Anyway, I think they are quite good, especially if you listen to their songs with friends and have fun...