Thursday, March 01, 2007

Susanne March: Sunflowers

Hi everyone!
My name is Susanne and I will go on this journey through the blogsphere together with you. I join your group now, because last semester I was staying as an Erasmus student in Madrid. It is a great experience to study at a foreign University for one semester. I really enjoyed the last five months and I had a lot of fun.

Probably you have already noticed that my name is not a typical Italian name. The reason is that I come from a little province in the most northern part of Italy on the border to Austria and Switzerland, where the majority of people speak German. South Tyrol only became part of Italy after World War I and that is the reason why I speak German at home with my parents.

During the winter it is often very cold in my hometown and I have to say that I do not really like low temperatures. I love summer and sunshine (if you have a quick look at my e-mail address you will notice that it contains the word "sun") and that is why I have chosen the picture of a sunflower (taken from Flicker) which is my favourite flower, to introduce myself.

I was born on September 22, which is generally considered the last day of summer. I associate summer with holidays and travelling and travelling around is the thing I like most, because it gives you the chance to engage with other cultures and to broaden your mind. I think that in our world there are lots of places worth discovering. Since I was a little child I have been dreaming about travelling to Australia, because it must be a wonderful country. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to make my dream come true so far, but I hope to realize it as soon as possible.

Moreover I associate summer with positive energy and relaxation. Usually people are happier and in good spirits during the summer months and I love it to be surrounded by people who laugh and are happy. I always tend to see the positive aspects of life and I am a rather optimistic person. Therefore, I have to say that despite my love of summer I do not hate the winter months. I am a person full of energy and I like to do a lot of things, such as travelling, dancing, swimming etc. but from time to time I also like it to stay at home and relax in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book and that is what I usually during the winter months.

Websites I often use: wikipedia is a multilingual free encyclopaedia where you can acquire and share knowledge. It is very useful if you have to do a research or if you just want to know something. here you can download a free version of the virtual globe program. Google Earth is a fascinating program which offers maps and satellite images from all over the world. If you want to see the opera in Sidney or the Liberty State and do not have money and time to travel you can have a look at these buildings using Google Earth.


Alessandra Teso said...

Hi Susanne! Welcome back from your Erasmus! I was once in was so hot, so big and full of people, but a very interesting city, rich of everything, art, fun and did you feel living there?!? I appreciated you put the web site of Google Earth...when my brother first showed me this program, I spent a lot of time travelling all around the world...I find it really nice!

Erica Buzz said...

Hi Susanne!
Welcome to our group! I hope you will enjoy these lessons!
At first, as I read your name I though you were from the UK, but I'm really happy to know that you are from Tyrol, because I love those places. I love tyrol, Austria and Switzerland, with their wonderful nature!
I hope we'll better know to each other!
Erica Buzzacarin

martina said...

Dear Susanne,
welcome back from Madrid! I hope you will tell us something more about your experience in Spain…
I really enjoyed reading your presentation…and also finding out that I am not the only one here who spends a lot of time using Google Earth!!! I do like it, because you can know in advance what is waiting for you…

viola said...

Hi Susanne!
Welcome to our group! I loved the picture you chose because I think that sunflowers, always turning towards the sun, are symbols of a positive attitude that we all should have!love,

Elena said...

Hi Susanne!
I really like the picture you chose because the sunflower is one of my favourire flowers and I wanted to put the same picture to introduce my self. We have something in common! Moreover I'd like to tell you that I went to Australia last year because I've got relatives and lots of friends who live there and I can tell you it is an amazing country. People are very relaxed, friendly and very openminded. Ther have a rather recent history and there are different natinalities continually mixing. My cousin is half italian, half greek and she is married married to a man from Vietnam. It is very interesting! I hope you can go to see this far contry soon!