Sunday, October 21, 2007

Group H: Marta T.

It was very difficult to choose and to put 2 blogs, because first of all I lose myself : I click here because it looked interesting, then I change my mind and I click there and so on for long hours... so I decide to put 2 very naïf blogs:

The first blog talks about gossip. I don’t know why I chose this blog because I always say that gossip is stupid but the truth is that I find it very interesting. Here, you can see the last foolishness of Britney!!! I think that the layout of this blog is very attractive: the photos are big and they catch the reader's attention, there are links with video but sometimes the language is vulgar!

The second blog I chose is about music, you can see the video of Shakira and Beyonce. I think that the language is informal and fun, it is described what happens in that video in a sarcastic way


giovisperotto said...

Hi Marta!
We discover to have much more in common than what we thought..I believe in Ufos, too! I mean, how could it be that in such a huge space only 7 billions of persons exixt!?!
I visited the archive of your first blog and I found it really updated! Everybody says that gossip is stupid..but I'm sure that reading a review sometimes can be funny, above all when you are alone at home or when you are on a train or waiting for someone!
See you next week!

Roby said...

Hi Marta!
Poor Britney! What an unlucky period…everything is going wrong for her!
Sorry…of course I am talking about Celebritysmackblog! I do not deny that sometimes I really enjoy reading about gossip!
The lay-out of this blog is quite glam: I like it its central glittering title and the pinkish side-menu!
The titles given to news and the photos chosen remind me English tabloid newspapers! I found wordplay (the title of the news about Britney Spears remembers the incipit of her new single “Gimme more”), sometimes rather rude but not so inopportune…, colloquialisms and an everyday language.
Comments seem to be the transcriptions of readers’ thoughts…I mean quite impulsive.
Obviously it is an entertaining reading and the contents cannot be so intellectual and philosophical!
I think it is funny and I think I’ll visit it again!
See you soon! Roby

Claudia said...

Hi Marta!

I don't like very much gossip and everything related to it, so I didn't enjoyed the first blog that much! the second was really funny for the comment to the video of Beyoncè and Shakira!
see you next week!