Monday, October 08, 2007

Group A: Anna

Photo made by robynejay


I really enjoy this picture because it is full of life and colours. I think that everybody should enjoy what life has planned for him/her, both happy and sad moments. And I also believe in the possibility to meet and know people who are totally different one from each other, because of their culture or personality, who can help me to see the various aspects of reality!

Unfortunately I’m not always able to see the coloured side of life, especially when something bad happens, so I need to sit down and understand what I did and why did it go wrong.

When I’m experiencing one of these “black and white” moments, I try to relax and calm down by playing online with silly and simple games, as those I find on this website: Minijuegos . Some of them are pretty absorbing…

Another website I often visit is Ryanair... I love travelling, but I don’t have enough time and money to do it! However, I’m always looking for a cheap flight to Ireland… You never know!

Finally, I can’t imagine my life without Google! It is one of the most important search engines in the world, at least in my opinion! It helps me with the strangest words I come across with my research!



Davide said... A...ive just played with....minijuegos!!!!....the pic u chose is....psychedelic..i had to wear sunglasses!!!.....i like it...i'll remind it when something bad happens....if we always were able to see the coloured side of should be too much easy...i should be great...but it's utopian..obvious..i hope you'll manage to do it....take care.....see ya....davide

Niko said...

Hi! how are things? I've seen the pic u've put, rather psychedelic.Life is a roller-coaster, somebody said, well, if it was not, it would be quite boring, wouldn't it. Anyway, I hope ur having a nice day. See u soon!

sara said...

Hi Anna! I like your picture! Some people say that colours have a sort of should infuse energy, while blue should have the power to you think so, too? I don't know...However it's difficult to see always only the good side of life, above all when things don't go in the way you want...Anyway we can try!!
See you soon! Bye!

elisac said...

Hi Anna!Sometimes life is difficult, I mean... when something bad happens not everyone is able to face it; it is hard to overcome suffering. Maybe it depends on character, if you are strong it will be easier to solve problems. However, life is beautiful and we should try to enjoy it despite all sad moments.
See you on Monday, bye bye

Caroline said...

Hi Anna!

First of all we would like to tell you that the picture you chose is very beautiful and eye-catching.
But our task is to find out things you should make better next time.

As far as the first paragraph is concerned, you should have to rewrite the first paragraph dividing it into two different parts, because we think it's not very clear. So we suggest to start with a new paragraph when you write about the different cultures and people.
We have some grammar suggestions as well:
- instead of "possibility" you should use "opportunity"
- instead ok "know" you should use "getting to know"
-instead of "one from each other" you should use "from one another"

As far as the second paragraph is concerned we remind you to put a comma after "unfortunately" and to correct "why did it go wrong" with "why it went wrong", because it's not a question but an affirmative statement.

As far as the third paragraph is concerned, you should correct "as those" with "like those" or "which".

As far as the fifth paragraph is concerned, we suggest you to add "to find the meanings of the" after "it helps me".

Finally, we like your idea to integrate the links into the text by putting one coloured word only, instead of the whole url.

We hope to have been helpful for your next post.
Caroline and Giovanna