Monday, October 08, 2007

Group B: Elena Costa

Hi everybody!
I chose the photo of a skating rink because you will see me whirling on ice at the next winter Olympics! Well...maybe in my dreams! :-) However I can assure you that my passion for this sport is real! I started roller-skating when I was only five years old: those graceful and elegant movements and the spectacular acrobatics literally fascinated me and I would dream of flying without any effort like the skaters competing on TV. Okay, I have to acknowledge that at that time another fundamental element influenced my choice: the beautiful dresses, shining with sequins and colourful like petals of flowers!Unfortunately, I had to quit after few years, but last January an advertisement called my attention: a course of iceskating was about to start in a gym not far from my house! I immediately felt the desire to come back on the rink, to fly again, and so I did! Moreover I discovered that a friend of mine too shares my interest and we are determined to continue to train with the aim of becoming a great couple, famous and appreciated all around the world! Who are Maurizio Margaglio and Barbara Fusarpoli?? Of course I am joking, but I do have a lot of fun dancing with my skates and that's all I'm looking for!

I also have other hobbies and one of these is definitely photography! I can't help it, I have to take a picture of everything drawing my attention, anytime, anywhere! I completely agree with the slogan of a famous brand of films: if you don't take a photo, the details of the moments you have enjoyed will quickly fade out and you will keep just a confused image in your mind. I don't want to lose the memory of the things that have meant something to me, so I make them last for ever by taking a photo. Since the beginning of this month I have been attending a course in photography to learn something more about the use of a camera, if you are interested in it check the website of the association:

Another website I frequently check is this:
Do you recognize it?? Yes, it is the website of our faculty! Maybe you could think that describing myself as a student is quite banal and expected, but for me it has a particular meaning: this is not only my last year at university, but also the end of my scholastic career, a very long journey started 18 years ago. I won't be a student any odd! I feel like I am in a period of transition, a part of my life is going to finish and this induces me to reflexionate about what I have done so far and what will be waiting for me behind the door of the future. For this reason I feel nostalgic and thrilled at the same time...but no more dramas! I am determined to enjoy the year that has just started and to live many exciting days with my friends!
Hope to hear from you all soon!



Martina said...

Hi, Elena!
We’ve known each other for five years (… five years?! My God, time flies!) Anyway, there’s nothing new in your post for me. How many times have we talked about our lives and our troubles for the future? You know that I completely agree with you when you say that this is a period of transition for us…I feel like you, “nostalgic but thrilled at the same time”; I’m curious to know what the future reserves for my life. We should be enthusiastic: we’re young and we’ve all the time to discover what our future will be. However, it’s impossible not to look back to consider what we’ve done so far. My daily question to myself is: have I done and experienced all I could? Am I in charge of my own destiny or rather let I the events decide for myself? I know, it’s an Hamletish question, but I’m sure that you can live at full only if you consider what you had in the past, what you have now and what you want for your future.

I look forward to speak more about these things!


Giovanna said...

Hi Elena! I like skating, but I have never taken lessons, so I do it at a very basic level but I enjoy myself quite a lot. My boyfriend and I go to the ice stadium in Asiago during winter and it is so funny to laugh at him when he falls on his back! When there are olympics or other championships on tv I always watch them and regret not to be an athlet...Some time ago I was quite good at running but I never took it too seriously. Maybe in another life I will become the fastest girl in the world...;-P I admire athlets because they work so hard to achieve what they keep doing what you like and put all your passion in it, it's the best way of living.
See you!

Sara DT said...

Hi Elena!
I also had some roller-skating experience when I was a child: from 10 to 11 ( so not for a long time) I attended a course of figure skating and I liked it very much, but...while I was training for the next show, I broke my ankle and my career stopped abruptly. I have to admit that I was not very inclined for skiting but I liked this sport very much anyway... when I see skaters on TV, I admire them because I know how hard is to reach those levels.
As regards your passion for photography, you reminds me my boyfriend. I think it is a good idea to attend a course because you can learn a lot of theory which will help you to be more conscious of what you are doing and so to improve your technique.

Marta said...

Hi Elena! My funniest experience on a skating rink was when I tried to teach my boyfriend how to skate..but we just ended up laughing and slipping down on the ice! Anyway, I do think iceskating is a fascinating sport..During the last winter Olympics I was an enthusistic supporter of the Italian athlets who, on that very occasion, had become my idols!
As for your other passion, photography, I must admit I felt bad reading the slogan you posted because.. it is terribly true! I don't take pictures very often, not because I do not like them, but simply because I do not have a camera! I'm aware that in this way some of the best moments of my life will last just in my heart and in my memory, without having the possibility to share them concretely with the people I love..
:-) Marta

veronica bozzato said...

Hi Elena!
We enjoyed reading your post and we would like to give you some suggestions.
First of all, we think that there are too many colours in the text... and it would be better if you avoid the use of yellow (it's really difficult to read!).
When we speak or write in Italian we widely use 'inoltre', while in English it is preferable to say 'however' or 'moreover' only if it is extremely necessary. If you decide to use one of them, put the comma after them. :-)
Your text was very interesting and well written; however, we have found some mistakes. Instead of using ‘I would dream’ we would have used ‘I dreamt’ because you are talking about the past. When you ‘few years’ you are talking about a quantity in a negative way, so in your sentence it would be preferable to add the indefinite article ‘a’ before ‘few’. The noun ‘attention’ is not used with the verb ‘to call’, but it must be used with the verb ‘to catch’; in this case, you should use ‘caught my attention’. There is a difference in using the verbs ‘come back’ and ‘go back’. In your text, if you use ‘come back’, you mean that you are on the rink, while if you use ‘go back’, it means that you are in another place. The second verb is the right choice. Remember that both verbs require the preposition ‘to’ instead of ‘on’. You used ‘Everything drawing my attention’; we suggest you to write ‘Everything that draws my attention’. The last suggestion we can give you is to integrate the link into the text using just a clickable word instead of the url.
We hope to have helped you and see you soon! :-)
Veronica Bozzato & Marina Fuin