Monday, October 08, 2007

Group G: elena s.

I decided to post this photo because I really like it. The colours, the bowls and the texture of the spices. I have similar photos in my room and when I look at them I'm suddenly in a good mood. It could be because of the colour-matching or perhaps because I imagine the odours and frangrances of the spices... I don't know ... Whatever the truth I hope you like the photo.
I also like it because it makes me think of my mother's kitchen full of spices and herbs put in their tidy cans with the names.

These are some web sites I use often. The first can express my curiosity: when I don't know what people are talking about or if I'm curious about a thing I go to wikipedia and my curiosity is satisfied. I think wikipedia is really useful and what you can find in it is reliable (although sometimes it is a good idea to check it again if possible).
The second site is known by everybody here and is now a part of my life...
The other site is a free online-dictionary that I consider useful to find the meaning of the terms I don't know, not only in English. I think it is a good site and one can also go to forum discussions where people talk about practical translation and problems in translating.


Eleonora said...
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Eleonora said...

Hallo Elena!
As soon as I opened the blog your nice picture full of colors caught my attention, even though I did not realize straightaway that the image was about spices.. :-) I like colorful pictures, too, and all those cans reminds me of the kitchen of some Indian students I met when I was in Germany; Indian food is normally very spicy (they use above all a lot of cinnamon and cloves) and as I had the chance to try it I really found it very tasty, although I was not used to such strong flavors.
As far as the links you put in your message are concerned, I am very familiar with the first and the second one, since I visit these two websites quite often as well. Wikipedia is a good source of information and it is easy to use, so I always check there when there is something I want to know or I am not sure about. Of course the website of our faculty is extremely important to me, because there I can find everything about exams, courses, professors etc…
On the contrary, I have never heard of your third link before, but I have just visited the page and I find it really interesting; it could be surely a quick way to check the meaning of the words you do not know when you are reading something on the web. Thanks for having telling us! :-)


Eleonora said...

Hi Elena!
Do not worry, I am not as dangerous as a tiger, I would not be able to hurt anyone!!! :-)))))
Actually I do not remember if I have ever seen a real tiger or not, but I think so...probably at the Zoo or at the circus when I was a child.
Yes I know that rugby has become quite popular here in Veneto lately, and I am happy about it; I agree with you when you say that (unfortunately) football today involves more business and advertisement than true sport.

Have a nice weekend,

alessia f. said...

Hi Elena!
What a beautiful image! It’s very original and I didn’t expect such vivid colours! It seems that the colours release stirring fragrances and strong smell of cooking: I’m fainting with hunger!
I know the sites you suggested very well: is part of everybody’s life at University; I often visit it to consult the timetable, the schedule of my exams, the prof’s visiting hours, etc.
Wikipedia provides useful data if you have gaps in whatever matter and it helps you to get at the overall meaning of a topic if you don’t know anything about that; actually, I use this site when I want to read up on a new subject, then I use other sites or I directly refer to books: they’re much more reliable!

Lisa Belluco said...

Hi Elena!
How are you?
Your photo is one of those I wuold like to see on my kitchen frames!
When I cook I usually use spices, especially curry.
I visit too wikipedia, but sometimes I think that some information on this site are not very precise... I would like to add something too, but I think I'm not the right person... maybe I'll try!
I put the dictionary you recommended into my favourite websites, I'll look at it quite often!
See you soon

Selena said...

Hallo Elena!

The image you posted is really beautiful. As you do, I also love colours and consequently these colourful spices. I love not only their shades but also their taste! When I cook I always exaggerate with spices and when I invite someone to dinner or lunch at home I have to pay attention because there are only few people who like spicy dishes like those I usually prepare for me. I also love
wearing coloured clothes because, as the way we look is extremely important to give people a good impression, I believe that coloured clothes reflect a sunny temper. For this reason I don’t like people who are always dressed in black.
As regards the websites I’m familiar with them all. I chose the site of our faculty and that of wikipedia just like you and I also know the third you suggested. I think it is very convenient when you are on line and want to check the meaning of some words.

See you :)


ElisaS. said...

Hi elena,
what a nice picture! You know it reminds me of my last holidays; i've been to mauritius, there are a lot of Indian people there. I still remember when we were trying to push our way through the busy market place and we were contiunually asked to buy spices! Have you ever tried indian dishes? Or do you simply like spices' colour?
Thank you for suggesting the third website, i've always tried to find a good free online-dictionary, so that you don't have to speend hours looking up in the dictionary.

See you soon,