Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group B: Sara DT

photo by Madame Trapo

Hi Everybody, I've chosen this photo because it reminds me the long and relaxing "tea parties" I often have with my friends. During these afternoons, we speak of everything ( and also of averybody :-P), we tell our problems with university, we confide our secrets and, above all, we laugh a lot! I really love these moments when I have a break from study, I feel myself and...I eat lots of delicious cookies!
One of the sites I recently visit most frequently is that of the University of Leicester, because I'm going to spend there the second semester thanks to the Erasmus project. I have to confess that I'm a bit worried because this will be the first time I stay far from home for a so long period (5 months). But I am also very excited and I'm looking forward to leave. I hope I can really improve my English and meet many new friends from all over the world.

Another web site I visit quite often is this:
As you can imagine, I am a scout leader, so in this site I can find many ideas for the activities I do with my "lupetti"(children between 8 and 11). Following "the Jungle Book"( by Rudyard Kipling) story we play with them and we live lots of adventures which are very useful in children's physical and psychological growth.
I know that among you there is at least one who is Scout and I'm wondering if there is anybody else... Bye! Sara


Martina said...

Hi, Sara!
I like your photo very much...I agree with you: a tea party with some friends is the best way to clear your mind of tiredness and troubles. I love staying with my friends and speaking with them; I’m an outgoing person and I’ve always needed to surround myself with a lot of people…in this way, I simply feel happy and… alive!For this reason I hate the periods when I have to prepare my exams, because I’m forced to stay at home for a long time and I have to study alone…that forced isolation is simple unbearable for me! :-(
As regard your Erasmus, I’m sure that you won’t have any problem at all! I’ve never heard anyone saying that he didn’t like that experience, so far. But I can easily image that there can be troubles before leaving; it’s a completely new experience, but it maybe will be the most important for you.
Good luck!


ElenaCosta said...

Hi Sara!
Your photo is so sweet! Maybe someone could think that nowadays rag dolls are old-fashioned, but they remind me our childhood and the fact that friendship has always played a fundamental role in our lives. We develop our personality by coming into contact with the others and by comparing with them, therefore I think that your work as a scout-leader is extremely important to offer kids the chance to meet new friends and to grow up in a healty way.
As far as your experience abroad is concerned, I wish you good luck: I can understand your worries, but remember that over the last four years we have learnt to manage even when things seem too difficult, so you won't have any problem!
See you,

Giovanna said...

Hi Sara! I think that tea parties are very "sweet moments" in which you can relax and have a break from everyday life.You are very lucky! I can see my friends only once a week because we are very busy. For example, those who work have very little free time and so it is difficult to find some moments to meet each other.
As regard your erasmus "adventure" don't worry! You may be a little scared at the beginning but you will meet a lot of nice people and above all you will always speak english! I think that this is a great opportunity for students like us and I hope that sooner or later I will have the possibility to do this experience.
Bye bye!

Marta said...

Hi Sara! I really like the photo you chose, not only because it is a very nice "tea time" picture, but also because it reminds me of the very first dolls I played with as a child! I agree with the fact that taking a break with friends is a wonderful opportunity to free your mind and let you soul "cheer" again, leaving all your troubles behind..Whenever I have the chance to do it, I invite some friends for dinner or just for a "tea and chocolate brownies" party, as you do..and these moments always make the sun shine even on the darkest days! Having a look at the Scout website, I have the impression your activites are great! I have never been a scout but I like the ideas which are at the basis of your association, since they teach you how to live respecting people and nature.. As for your Erasmus experience, I simply "envy" you! I have always wanted to do this kind of experience but then, for several reasons, I never got the chance to apply for it..for this reason, I whish you all the best, being sure you will have the time of your life in Leicester!

Sonia said...

Dear Sara,
I think you chose a very original picture! I agree with you that the moments we share with friends are the most precious ones; like you, whenever I have some spare time I enjoy having a cup of tea with friends. Actually, I prefer visiting them and watching a dvd with them, or even simply talking together, rather than going out to discos or pubs. I like chatting with friends and having fun with them; ultimately, that's why I prefer quiet places to noisy or crowded ones. Maybe I would meet many more people by going out, but I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy myself as much!