Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group C: Stefania

photo by w_yvr

Hi everybody!
This is me… or better, a representation of me! I’m Stefania!

I chose Emma Bovary, the protagonist of Madame Bovary by Flaubert for a number of reasons. First of all because I love reading, especially French books. Secondly because Gustave Flaubert is one of my favourite writers and I like French literature in general. And finally because I really like Emma and I find that we share some characteristics; specifically I’m a “reveuse” like her.
Well - to prevent equivocal interpretations of my personality - I’d like to add that I’ve nothing to do with her insane obsessions and that I’m not going to kill myself with the arsenic during the course!
Another salient aspect of my character is the fact I love children! I work in two kindergartens where I “teach” English to five-year-old children. I really have fun working with them because they are always enthusiastic about everything you do!

I recommend you to visit my personal website: There is just a short presentation of me (I put the one we wrote for Gillian the first year at university) and some photos.
If you are interested in nature, hiking… and stuffs like that, I suggest you to visit the entire site because it’s about our region and all the things you can visit and do!
The second site I recommend is: . When I have some free time I like having a look at the main news. You can find not only articles but also interviews and reviews and there is a big archive too which serves as a sort of “historical memory”.

Bye bye


Letizia said...

Hi stefania. I'm Letizia. It's very nice your presentation on the blog.
I don't like french, even if I think it is a very nice language and it has very pleasant sounds! It is so fantastic that you teach english to five-year-old children: I think it is easier learning a language when you are a child and also more useful for your future.
I have visited your site: I admire you in having created it, because I'm unsuited for computers. I think it is very useful for people who want know a bit of you and your friends. The photos of your town are so wonderful!!!
I agree with you in recommending the site of the guardian to read articles also about historical memory. It is very important also to improve our english!

Silvia said...

Hello Stefania, this is Silvia.
I think you chose a very nice photo! Even though I don't know very much about the story of Madame Bovary, I particularly like it because it has the typical traits of eighteenth-century paintings..I really love them because they depict things with full particulars without omitting anything..they are really amazing!!
As for the websites you chose, I found the first one very interesting to visit and well-organized too..I really like the photos, in particular those of Bassano del live in a very beautiful place! As for the second one, I agree with you in choosing it. It is a very useful website because you can always keep up-to-date about what's happening in the world and practise your English as well! Bye!

Alesssia L. said...

Hi Stefania!
How are you? I think that your choice is really curious and it's also an effective way to describe your personality! So you're a sort of dreamer, aren't you!?
Then I was also impressed by the fact that you teach English to children! Teaching is one of my dreams...I know it takes a good deal of patience with children (and I dont't have much of it) but maybe at the High Schools things would be different!I think that teaching is one of the most exciting jobs in the world!!!

That's all for the moment...
See you soon at the courses!

Bye bye


Giada said...

Hi Stefania!
Really nice presentation!I read Madame Bovary when I was in high school and I found it amazing. Flaubert is not my favourite writer at all but I must admit that he was incredibly innovative and that Emma is a simply wonderful character: how could a man describe female thoughts and feelings so well,I just can't explain seems that he entered a female brain and that's incredible!
Your personal website is really interesting: I appreciated it a lot! I admire everyone who is able to create a website and the photos are really beautiful!
See you next week,

Zara said...

Hi Stefania!
I like you chose the character of a book to represent yourself…it suggests me you are a thoughtful and romantic person who maybe likes day-dreaming. I like reading too and some time ago I started Madame Bovary but unfortunately I never end the book. There is not a precise reason for I never end it. Just it was not the right moment. I think that to read a book you have to be in the right mood. I think that for such a book you’d need to read and fancy a love story. More or less I know what it deals about and I think that eventually I’ll read it. If you are fond of French literature I’ll know The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas. Well, I really like it because it is a fantastic story told with accuracy of psychological features and physical details.

The page made for first university year is nice… I didn’t made it. I read you can snowboard. I’d like you to give me some tips because I tried last year to snowboard down a ski-run, but I only achieved in knocking down a poor child standing few metres below!!
Anyway, I agree with you…we’ll finish last English course without committing suicide!
Bye, bye!

Zara said...

Sorry for my mistakes:
-'I've never ended it' instead of 'I never end it';
-'you'll know..Dumas'instead of 'I'll know;
-would be better 'the page made for your first university year'

Bye Stefania :)