Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group C: Silvia

This is a photo of one of the most famous streets of Munich, the Ludwigstrasse. I’ve chosen it because it reminded me of my staying in Munich as an Erasmus student: I stayed there from March to September of last has been such an amazing experience which will always remain in my heart!
Among all the beautiful places of Munich the Ludwigstrasse represented something really special to me from the very first days to the end of my Erasmus experience... Every day I passed through it to go to University or just when I wanted to go for a walk... I still remember the sense of freedom I felt when I first walked along it.. it was so long that it really seemed to have no end! Moreover, it is so important to me because there I saw something really incredible… on the day the Italian team won the world championship loads and loads of Italians were there celebrating its victory! That night we occupied the whole street for hours, dancing and singing in chorus… there were so many people that no car managed to pass along it during that night! I can hardly believe now that it really happened! I will always remember such an experience and I look forward to coming back soon…

The websites I frequently use are:

This website always helps me when I have to search documents for my studies; moreover, it is very useful for my hobbies, for example when I want to search for some lyrics of my favourite singers or groups.
It is a very useful website because I can easily find hostels in the cities I want to visit. It helps me find the cheapest hostels and see how many rooms are still available when I decide to book.


Giada said...

Hi Silvia!
I really appreciated the website on hostels: I think that it is a very good and cheap soultion if you are young, you love travelling but you are not interested in spending a lot of money in hotels!
Usually when I'm planning to go abroad for a few days I look for a hostel: so far I experienced French hostels, Greek hostels and Italian a few weeks I will discover how Spanish hostels are as I'm going to spend some days in Madrid!
I guess you miss Munich a lot: homecoming is difficult when you have spent so much time abroad, isn't it?
See you next week,

Letizia said...

Hi Silvia!
It's very amazing your experience as Erasmus student in Munich. I can imagine what were your emotions, feelings and sensations when you and loads of Italian celebrated the victory of the world championship loads. It's an experience that you'll never forget!!!
Unlike you I have never went abroad as an Erasmus student. As I said to Sara, I can't stay away from home and alone so much depends on my character...even if I like travelling, but not alone!!!
I have chosen google as one of the site I visited the most, too. I think on it you can find whatever information you want. I use it to search lyrics and writers, or places and hotels where to go to on holiday.
I have to sign the website you use to find hotels, I think it's very interesting! Thanks for your counsel!!!
See you soon,
Bye bye,

stefania said...

Hi Silvia!
I really enjoyed reading about your experience as an Erasmus student because, as you wrote, it's a very strong experience which will always remain in your heart! I really love travelling too, so I appreciated the web site about hostels, I find it is very useful. I stayed in a hostel twice, but only in Italy.
See you next week

Zara said...

Hi Silvia!
I like the photo and the reason why you chose it because I lived the Erasmus project as well and I know what an exciting and incredible experience it can be! Have you ever gone back there since you came back home? I finished my Erasmus three months ago and I’m planning to go to Zaragoza next December. I met a lot of nice people there and I’m happy to have such friends and to maintain those relationships.
In Germany during the World! When Italy won the World Championship last year, I guess there was a strange atmosphere down the German streets, wasn’t there? Italian football team not only beat Germany in a match held in Germany, but they definitely won and became the Champions of the World, so I think Germans were a bit annoyed by Italians'joy!
I remember after the final match I literally bathed with another thousands of people in the fountain of Prato della Valle.
I like the web site hostelworld. Occasionally I visited it to find any cheap place where to go to sleep. I think the Spanish hostels are the cheapest I’ve found so far; once I found shared rooms for 9 euros a bed. In Italy, where everything is very expansive, a modest hostel in Turin offers a bed in a room shared with other 5 people for, more or less, 27 euros. Isn’t it crazy?!?

Bye, bye!

Zara said...

Any mistakes I have made:
- Sarah told me not to use 'such' frequently because it's not so used in English. So, instead of such I'd use: 'I'm happy to have those friends';
-I wasn't bathing with thousands of people. We were hundreds of us!!!