Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hi guys, I'm Alessandra...
I spent a lot of time choosing the right image that could describe who I am, and finally, after an hard work, I selected this wonderful beach.
I love travelling all around the world, I'm exciting when I come in contact with new cultures and people from other countries. I think that one can learn a lot from the contact with other people. But, what I appreciate more is spending my holiday in a place as one in the picture. I think that it's the best way to relax, far from the everyday life, and reinvigorate oneself, before starting a new adventure or a new experience in another place. What is more this photo represents a part of me because of the vivid blue colour of the sky and the sea.
Also the presence of the waves helped me to choose this picture, because sometimes my life and also my mind become stormy, messy and chaotic as the water of this sea.
What about the websites that I usually visit, I suggest you to have a look at:
The first website contains a lot of information about the Island of Fuerteventura, a wonderful place where I spent my holiday last summer. I totally "fall in love" with this place because its landscape is a kind of mixture of mountains, beaches, woods and volcanic stones.
The second one is the BBC's website and in my spare time I like visit it to be informed about what happens around the world.
The last one is a well-known website among all students of the University of Padua. Everytime, when I start work on my computer , the first thing I do is to open this site and check if there are new information about courses and timetable's changes.


Alberto said...

I think you will not find someone who doesn't like your photo! It is fantastic!
I love travelling too and I hope I will find a job that will let me to visit new countries and know new cultures.
Did you really spend your holiday in Fuerteventura?!...Ok, it is better if I don't tell you where I spent my holiday this year...Ok, I'll do (just to let you laughing): Isola Verde!(or Iland Green (!!!) as you can read on the traffic sign when you reach it.

Imma said...

Hi Alesandra...
You're so right...I cannot imagine a better way to relax myself that beeing lied down there..It seems such a resting place..
I do like travelling all around the my opinion it is one of the most interesting way to spend free time..I've just been in Ireland and If I could I would came back there immediately :)
I think it would be nice to split oue experiences in travelling, wouldn't it? I hope we will be able to share pictures and suggestions about the places we visited...
See you

Serena Santi said...

Hi Alessandra!
I think travelling is what almost all people who study languages have in common. It’s a sort of interior desire of knowing different cultures. I love making new experiences and travelling like you but I prefer to visit European cities because they are full of museums, theatres, history etc. All these big cities can satisfy my thirst for knowledge. However when I go on holiday with my friends, we prefer the Italian seaside. Certainly Fuerteventura is a wonderful place to visit. According to what Alberto said I think I can win the most unlucky holiday award of 2007 simply because I didn’t go on holiday this summer. I spent my time working in front of a computer dreaming wonderful and relaxing places like Fuerteventura or Isola Verde.

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Alessandra! I'm Claudia, a member of your group.
I like your choice because I felt we have some things in common: the passion for travelling and meeting new cultures and the 'love' for the sea. I'd like to know something more about your holiday in Fuerteventura!!