Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group K: Caroline

What you can see in this picture is 'Potsdamer Platz' in Berlin. I chose this picture because I am from Berlin and i really just love it! Whenever I go home to visit my family I go to this place because it represents the "new" Berlin. It's architecture is fantastic as you can see in the picture. Last time I went to Berlin I met a friend of mine at Potsdamer Platz...we wanted to go shopping. But then we found out there would be Matt Damon to present his new movie right there at Potsdamer Platz. There was a red carpet and lots of people. In fact, I was so lucky to see him..he was quite close to me actually! So you never know what an afternoon in this place can get you to...and that's why I love Berlin so much.
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Another interesting website I often visit is Corriere della Sera
because I think it is important to know what is going on in the world and in my opinion, it seems more interesting reading newspapers online.

See you soon.... Caroline


sara said...

Hi Caroline, I don't belong to your group, but when I saw your picture I thought "Oh, Berlin!!" I didn't know you were from this wonderful town! As you can see I love Berlin! I spent a month there last summer, and I had really a great time! It's true what you say about the people you can meet there, a friend of mine met Jessica Alba and another one took a picture with Tom Crouise! Unfortunately I didn't see any vip, maybe the next time I will be luckier!

lau zock said...

As soon as I saw your picture, I immediately understood what it represented: a couple of years ago I spent a few days in Berlin and whilst there I saw Potsdamer Platz, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the memory of it has stayed with me to this day. I think it’s extraordinary the way in which the modern architecture of this square is mixed in with the rest of the predominantly old city yet the overall aesthetic is still one of beauty.
Some friends and I are planning to go to Berlin for New Year’s Day…I think I’ll check the flights on the website you have recommended…thank you for the advice!

enrico stanic said...

hey Caroline
i'm really glad you brought up the Matt Damon issue, because i have always wondered something but i was never really sure, and maybe now you can help me get it right once and for all... to make a long story short, my question is: is he really (i mean, in person, in real life) so dull as he looks in all his movies?... up to now i've always guessed, well, yeah, he must be, cause people in movies tend to look better than they really are, but then i read in your post that you happened to see him and so i started wondering...
well, anyway, i guess it must be pretty amazing living in Berlin: i was there once, but i must admit i didn't enjoy it at all cause i caught a bastard of a flu the very first day i arrived, plus it rained all the time and i was constantly sick and high on aspirine and it actually was a freaking nightmare and i don't look back at that experience very often nor very gladly... i didn't even eat one single kebab, can you imagine that?!

see you

Nina said...

I really like these comments. It's so much fun and so interesting to read them. I agree with you guys. I love Berlin, went there five years ago for a week to visit a friend. The place is really magical so I really hope to come back. And speaking of Mat Damon, not that I really want to talk about celebrities, I also had the chance to run into him:) Couple years ago I was working (more helping than working) on the shooting of the movie the Brothers Grimms, so I got to see him quite a bit, well not that he is anything that special.
I liked how you integrated your links into the text. Thanks for sharing your experience! see you, Nina