Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Group D: Alberto

This is a theatre stage. I chose this image for different reasons. I am in a theatre company and I love acting (or at least I try to do my best). Whenever we rehearse our scenes we invent a new world full of situations and people do not exist in our real life. That is what everybody sees when we put on a play. I think it is fantastic, but there is also another part in actors' work; a part audience never notices. It is probably the most important aspect of acting and it deals with taking pains over elocution and movements on the stage. It may seem to be simple, but I assure you that taking under control memory, elocution and movements while you are talking on a stage is very, very difficult.

A theatre stage is also similar to life; sometimes we all come on the scene and sometimes we all quit it to move to the backstage and wait for our turn...

These are two websites I frequently use:

It is the website of my theatre company. Here you can find the pictures of our performances and our backstage (at least those we do not censure...), the days in which we play and some information about each member. There is also a forum where we write to discuss about different aspects of our work, even if sometimes we quarrel...Yes, it may sound strange, but the life of a comapany is something sweet, but also bitter; different ideas, jealousy, and "love stories" on the stage often complicate our "artistic life", creating some little problems we hide with a smile when we bow at the end of a performance.
Unfortunately we are renovating the website right now. I hope you will be able to visit it soon.

Most of you probably know it. It is a huge "video data-base" that everybody can use all over the world. Thanks to youtube, you can put your videos in the Internet, enabling the rest of the world to watch them. So, youtube may be a great opportunity to watch and re-watch something you care, such as interviews, sports competitions and documentaries. Moreover, using youtube, you can test your knowledge of foreign languages, since it is an excellent listening exercise.

Although youtube is useful, we can not forget the other side of the coin. Unfotunately, not everybody in the world uses it properly, so you can find vulgar or offensive videos.

Youtube is an opportunity in proportion to the intelligence of its users.


alessandrasq said...

Hi Alberto,
I'm Alessandra, one of your peer in English group. I really enjoyed reading that you work in a theatre company... I really like go to the theatre, but unfortunately I think that this kind of "art" isn't enough known among young people. For example, nowadays, it's difficult to find brochures about theatrical performances. What about me I has always been fascinated about what happens behind the stage.. When I was young and watched a performance I was curious to know what happened around these scarlet curtains, and where the actors went when the disappeared from the stage.
So, congratulation for the mysterious photo that you chose.
see you...

Imma said...

Hi Alberto,
I'm Imma! Your picture is so meaningful! I've been really impressed about your passion for theatre..I agree to Alessandra when she says that young people are not interested in theatre and that's the reason why I think what you're doing is somethng really all-worthy...Besides, I love theatre (I mean..I like going to theatre) and every time I can, I force someone to take me there. :) wishes to you and your company...
ps I like your last as a theatre stage waiting for our turn...
See you

Serena Santi said...

Hi Alberto!
When I saw your picture I suddenly remembered that you act in a company. During the English literature course with Prof. Giacobelli (second year of Mediazione) you were chosen to read some lines of The Importance of Being Earnest in front of the class. It was in that occasion that you explained you belonged to a company. I thought you were so brave to read in front of a hundred people.
I understand you when you say that the theatre is a magic place. I’m not an actress but I love Opera and classical ballets. When I go to the theatre it’s always a strange experience, there is a magic atmosphere and when the curtain draws I’m so excited. I’m happy to have something in common with you. I don’t know if you agreed but what I prefer most when I go to the theatre are the few minutes before the beginning when the orchestra tune the musical instruments and the whispers of the audience surrounds me. It’s so moving!
I enjoyed watching the pictures of your performances, thanks for having chosen this website. I think you’re lucky because all our group peers love theatre. So we can come to your next performance.

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Alberto! Your presentation is very interesting!! I have always been fascinated by the life of an actor!! I think it is a bit difficult to conciliate university and your job because I know that this job requires a lot of time, so compliments!!! I'm going to visit your website!